Recycled Dog Bed

So....many of you may know that I have two pretty large Dalmatian dogs!

Let me introduce you to them:

This is BELLA....she is four years old! My husband and I got her before we got married, then Dec. 2011 she had 9 puppies.  She is a great dog, she listens and knows lots of tricks!


This is STELLA....she is the puppy.  She is 1 years old, and is kind of a mess! She loves to cuddle and be all over you, but also loves to play!


I love my dogs!

The only problem, is that Stella likes to chew things up, especially dog beds!  They stay inside and when we are gone we put Stella in a kennel.  It has worked, but somehow she has still been able to destroy probably 4 dog beds.  We finally decided that our dogs were going to have to live without a dog bed because we weren't going to waste any more money on a new one that would get ruined later.  Then a few weeks ago when my sister stayed the weekend, somehow Stella was left out and she tore up my sister's dog bed. haha we felt so bad!

So needless to say we went and spent money on another dog bed.  This one went home with my sister though.  Then this past Sunday I decided to use some extra fabric, and the stuffing from the torn up bed to make Bella, the more mature dog a dog bed.  This way I was spending no money, and the bed matches the room makeover that we are currently in the process of doing.  (yellow and gray color scheme).




So anyways, making the bed was so easy! I just made it like a large pillow.  Of course I had an extra zipper lying around so I added that.  But if you didn't want a zipper you just sew it inside out like a pillow, then stuff it and sew it up!

Isn't it great! 

Now our mission is for Stella to never be left alone with the bed! 

little signautres

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