As much as April is an amazing month of newness and vibrancy. A month that motivates people to achieve goals and get active, there are also times when we need to recharge. Sometimes we get so caught up in all that we have on our plate, and before we know it we are dragging along, just getting things done. I hate feeling like that. You know, feeling like it's all I can do to keep up, and get the minimal things done. When I feel out of control with everything, from my house, job, food, relationships, everything. Those are the times when I have to sit back and realize, I need some me time. Time to recharge and time to think inwardly. To reawaken my destiny and all that I was made for. To be reminded of the things I love to do and am passionate about. To get some renewed energy, and motivation for life, and to rest. 


Top 5 Ways to RECHARGE!! Take control of your life, and enjoy some time for you!

Here are my TOP 5 WAYS TO RECHARGE! My go-tow when I feel like I'm dragging along! 


I absolutely get recharged, down to my core when I go camping, hiking, or anywhere where I am surrounded by nature. The natural beauty of this Lord. My spirit feels alive, and that much more connected to the Father God. I feel like I get automatic downloads of inspiration and life from Jesus when I'm surrounded by trees, mountains, water. I can only imagine what I would feel like if I lived in a cabin in Colorado. I feel like everyday would be a recharging for my soul! 


Might sound cliche, but working out can definitely help recharge me. Getting a little sweaty, working hard, pushing myself. It definitely does something for my attitude and emotions. Scientifically, when you work out and get the endorphins going, you get a natural boost of happiness! (Seriously, why don't we work out more). Plus, when you are working on you, you come away from it more confident and happy with yourself! 


Feels so good. Obviously teaching it is fun, but to really recharge, I go take a class from a favorite instructor, or a new instructor. Just to be a student. To sit and be focussed on me, while also getting those endorphins going. It's times like these that Yoga can become a spiritual experience for me. Where I connect to God in the midst of having time to become more self-aware. I love those times. It helps to relieve stress, get a little insight to my own life, and get a little happier with my world! 

Time with my husband.

Yep....I can tell when we have been too busy because I feel restless, not as happy, and just not right. Actually that's kind of how I feel now. I literally just went outside and told him we need time together. We have a tendency to get caught up in our projects along with running our business, and doing those things in the evening rather than spending time together. I can most definitely tell when we need to put the brakes on other things, and be together. I love spending time with him doing some sort of activity, watching our favorite show, chatting about our future and our dreams, or just laughing together! Or....what I'm really desiring these days, is going on a vacation together. Just him and me! And that will be happening this summer, and I seriously feel the need for that type of recharge, and cannot wait to get it! 

Being in a clean, relaxing environment. 

I have shared previously how I am a huge atmosphere person. So if the atmosphere in my home is nice, it can be the perfect recharge for me. EXAMPLE: Clean house, fresh flowers, windows drawn with natural light coming in. Candles lit, and smelling fresh, worship music playing. Having that type of environment and just playing with Zander or reading a book can do amazing things for my soul! Being able to relax with everything in order and not feeling your kitchen calling you to come clean it. Yep! That can definitely recharge me. 

It's funny it used to be doing crafts, but honestly, that has shifted a lot. Now my recharging comes from working out! 

How do you recharge? 

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