Raised Garden

I was so excited to move back to America so I could have my very own garden. Knowing that we would be buying our first home really encouraged me to do all of the things I have never been able to do living in base housing. I was stoked. When we got here we ended up planting some potatoes, onions, and garlic in the ground. They are growing lovely, but I really wanted a raised garden. So two weeks ago we went shopping for supplies. 
My little helper

The husband was quite shocked that I had actually done the research myself, had a list, and talked to the people at the Garden store that we went to. I had to get everything... we even picked out what veggies we wanted to plant! 

The husband 'teaching' me how to use his tools

Once we got home we got straight to work. Never mind the fact that it was 8pm! I was so excited. The husband was equally as excited to share his wealth of knowledge with me on his power tools! The boy was having too much fun playing with everything in the garage and helping. 

Initially I was going going to do a 6 by 2 bed. After looking at Lowe's we decided to go bigger. We ended up making an 7 by 3 bed. I was a little concerned, but it actually works great. So above you can see the boys measuring what we needed to cut off. 

Daddy is showing us how to use this awesome tool. Little man was a little concerned with the noise! :) 

Once we had everything cut apart... we then had to use the deck screws to put the bed together. Of course the husband gave me a tutorial on how to do this correctly too- but seriously, it was hard! :)

We are so blessed to have such a fantastic helper! Little man kept giving his Daddy the deck screws so he could put the bed together. 
I am so proud of my raised bed. We have already installed it and put my plants in it, but that will be another post! It can be very intimidating if you have never actually had a garden or built a raised bed, but I would highly recommend building one! These are the materials that we used:
2- NON-TREATED 2 by 8
12- Deck Screws
Of course once you put it in the ground you need a few more materials, but to actually build it- this is all! Happy building! I will post soon on how we put it in .. and keep you posted on my garden! HOPING and PRAYING I don't kill it all! :)
-Big Sis