Becoming more "ProActive"

The husband told a friend the other day that I had become more "ProActive!"

I chose to take this as a compliment! I mean, come on Stay At Home Moms.. can't you relate to getting caught up in the day to day and kinda letting things go! Let's be real here! HAHA.

On a serious note, since we bought our home in October- this is the first time that we have really been JUST US. Just my family of four. So I am able to finally figure out our routine and begin to find our happy place. I can't believe we really have lived here so long and have yet to get into our groove. We have had family and friends here, husband has been gone, and we have spent a month in Texas since we moved into our new home in Florida! Whew!

But now the husband and I wake each morning at 530 to do a workout together. We are on our third week and it is going great. My babies decided they wanted to start getting up with us! At first I wasn't so happy about it, but now we have found a good schedule with it and it works. After our workout I do breakfast for everyone and get the husband out the door. At that time, my ALMOST four year old spends about 30 minutes watching cartoons as I start cleaning the bedrooms-- making beds, getting dirty laundry, wiping the bathrooms down… and then I start a load of laundry. Then I get both of the kids ready and then we start our day! If we are here during the morning, I will break away from our school or playtime to do one or two things here or there around the house and it certainly has been keeping my house cleaner-- AND it helps me to have the house ready for Daddy to walk through the door at anytime! :)

Summer is upon us and to say I am not ready would be a complete lie. So excited to spend our first summer fully here in Florida and loving our pool! I can't wait to share some amazing pictures with you!