Pro Grips WINNERS!!!!

We are so excited to announce the winners for the Pro Grips! We hope all of the winners are excited... and use them! These are such amazing gloves! After you use them, the owner would love if you left him an Amazon Review!!

So if you are a winner.. email us at with your mailing address!! If you don't email us by FRIDAY of this week, we will chose a new winner! :)

If you have an asterisk* by your name, we do not need your address unless it has changed, because we have it from previous giveaways or purchases! Thanks!

#52: Jennifer Morte

#94: Amanda Swanson

#77: Kendra Wexler*

#28: Whitney Martin

#11: Janell Dommer

#55: Keri Rodriguez*

#70: Kimberley Ferrari

#86: Mary Ann Lonis*

#88: Carri Arriete

#63: Stacey Htkka