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Wow! Has it already been 2 months since I had my baby girl?? This is TRUTH! This little girl has been the light of our life the past two months, for little brother included. I wrote a few weeks ago about the Birth Story, which you can find HERE.  It was a wonderful experience... for a C-Section. Quite a few months back I was sent a beautiful Birthing Gown from Pretty Pushers. Have you ever heard of them? They are pretty awesome! Not only did they send me one to review.. they are giving one to one of you lucky ladies as well!!

So let me tell you a little about Pretty Pushers Birthing Gowns.... The quote on their Facebook page sums it all up:

"Hospital Gowns are for Patients! Pretty Pushers Gowns are for Mothers Giving Birth!"

I just love that quote... it seems empowering as a Mommy.. to get out of the rut of the hospital gowns and to still look stunning while we are at our best- having our babies! Their products are made in the USA and they have more than just birthing gowns. Birthing Gowns intrigued me and I was so excited to get one to try for the birth of Sticker. HOWEVER, my situation was a bit different with a  C-section, but I had read stories where other C-section mommies were able to wear them, so I at least asked... but they said No. So... what did we do? Moments before being wheeled to the back, we put it on and snapped a picture for you. This was my last picture with baby in belly... :)


The gown did not go unused though. Hours after having my C-section I asked if I could PLEASE get up and walk. After I had gotten up and all of that I was able to get up on my own and go use the restroom. Within hours I was SICK of the hospital gown and needed something that was more comfortable and easier to nurse with... so I pulled out my Pretty Pushers gown again.. and I wore it all the 2nd day! So although my story is a little different, it still got to be used and I am so glad.

I enjoyed wearing it and I had many compliments from the nurses who obviously noticed I did away with what they had me in. They had never seen a gown such as this one and thought it was darling.Not only is it cute and stylish, it is stinking so comfortable, like I said. It didn't get tangled in all of the wires they had me on much of the first morning and like I said, made it so much easier to nurse my little girl with.

The Pretty Pushers WEBSITE tells you all about the gown and what I found the most interesting is that they are DISPOSABLE! So if you are concerned about getting blood on it during birth and it being nasty- no worries... you can trash it!!! Since my gown did not get blood on it, I gave it to Little Sister in the case that she wants to use it one day when they have a baby! I know my picture doesn't show you all about the gown, the nurses were rushing us as we laughed in the bathroom... but if you go HERE on their website it will show you and direct you how to use and wear the Birthing Gown.

This information can also be found on their website about the gowns, but I wanted to share too:

The Black Gown, like I had is:

Available In One-Size (2-16 pre-pregnancy) & Plus-Size (18-26 pre-pregnancy)
• 100% Cotton, Disposable
• Tie-neck halter for immediate skin-to-skin access
• Frontal opening to allow for fetal monitors
• Low-cut back to allow for epidural access if necessary
• Adjustable tie closures
• Wear it. Dispose of it
• Don’t waste hot water and harsh chemicals on cleaning it.
• Great gift for baby showers, moms-to-be, grandmothers-to-be, fathers-to-be
• Modernize your labor!
I am so excited that they have decided to give one of you one of these gowns too. I know a lot of pregnant ladies and hope that you will all enter to possibly get one to make your delivery fun, stylish, and comfy! How I wish I had been able to wear it birthing a baby naturally, but it wasn't in my cards, and that is okay! I look forward to seeing who wins and hearing your story wearing it!

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