Pregnancy Announcement!

I guess at this point most of you have heard the news....I'M PREGNANT!!

Wow, it's still so crazy to say out loud!

My husband and I have been married for 3.5 years, and this is our first child! We are thrilled!

This weekend was full of the pregnancy announcement! First I shared the big surprise with my mom & sister, you can read about that here!! Then on Sunday we had brunch with our lifegroup where we revealed the pregnancy announcement to them while praying for our meal.  In the midst of the prayer, my husband prayed blessings over our new baby! Let's just say lots of yelling happened in the middle of Ihop! It was great!

Then came the big reveal when we announced the pregnancy to our close friends! It was such a fun idea, I loved it, and it seemed that everyone had such a great time!

Here's how it went down:

We invited each of our friends over individually to talk to us, or hang out with us.   So each of them that came planned to be at our house at 3pm on Sunday, but thought is was just them coming.  Some of them got a little worried via text message and I had to lie some to calm their worries, but we convinced them to come.

So on Sunday each of them showed up surprised over and over to see that there were several people waiting in our living room, and the Suell's, (that's us) were no where in site.  We were hiding in our room.  I think my favorite part about this pregnancy announcement was that each person thought they were the only one coming to our house!

Anyways, as they waited for everyone to arrive, they all sat around guessing why they were there.  A few thoughts that came's a Murder Mystery Party, the Suell's are moving, the Suell's are going on a mission trip....they were funny!

Then, right at 3:15pm, we played the video that we made through our TV.  (We have Apple TV so all we had to do was start it through our computer in our bedroom).

Here's the video we made for our friends!

As soon as they started cheering we came out of our bedroom and celebrated with everyone! It was such an exciting time! We toasted to twins with some champagne & sparkling grape juice, and hugged and laughed together!

SIDENOTE: We are praying for twins! I will let you know later this month when I go to the doctor!

Anyways, it was a BLAST, and now everyone knows I'M GOING TO BE A MOMMY!

I am so excited and loving how all of my friends call me momma when they see me!!! It's so sweet!

I am excited to keep you updated on my pregnancy, and excited to face the challenge of staying fit while being pregnant! I believe that since I have stayed fit, and continually worked out, that it should not change now.  So it won't! I will stay healthy and fit while I am pregnant.  And I will keep you updated on it throughout the entire process.

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