Pray For Boston


Yesterday has left so many questions for so many of us.

Since last July was when I first got into running, (I am still in my first year of being a runner), I have never been very aware of the Boston Marathon.  Of course I knew what it was, but yesterday I was more aware of it.  Many of my blogger friends were posting Good Luck posts to people they knew that were racing, and putting updates on their pages, etc.  So I kept up more than usual with it.

After lunch I ran an errand and took my husband a Sonic was in his office that he told us about the bombs.  I was in total disbelief..."Why would this happen at a race?!"  This made no sense to me, and still doesn't.  It left me very confused, frustrated, angry, and later as I heard more about deaths, and saw videos, I got so sad.

I am just full of mixed emotions.....not understanding why something like this would happen, and so sad for the people at the Boston Marathon.  I have ran only a few half marathons, and I know it took a lot of dedication and training from me.  And the Boston Marathon takes so much have to qualify for it, I can only imagine how much time and effort, and heart these runners put into this one day! And to think that someone would do something like this to crush what they had worked for.  And more than that, bring harm to innocent sweet people, like the little 8 year old boy that was killed while watching his father run.  So sad.

My sister reminded me of a quote we heard right before we ran the Disney Princess Half in February.  We were getting ready to run and a lady behind us said:

"I run now because one day I may not be able to."

This is so true for some of these runners, where close to 150 were hospitalized...some being very hurt or losing limbs.  Think about these people and all the trauma they have faced today while you PRAY FOR BOSTON.

And remember we aren't guaranteed tomorrow, we live in a fallen world, and although we have a good God, evil does happen in this world.  But put your hope in the Father, and remember the promise of Eternity...and take advantage of what you have/can do today, because one day you may not be able to!