Post Pregnancy Running

So as I mentioned in my former post, "My Aha Moment," I have started running again post pregnancy. I am at a place where I am desiring that "runner's high" again! I know what it feels like, and it feels good...and I just want it back!

But right now, I am in the grungy part of running.  The part where I just have to take it slow and steady, and continually motivate myself to get back out there.  OR surround myself with people like my sister who motivate me to get back out there each night and keep running.  We are both really starting back from ground zero, which is funny because this is how I originally began running.  She was in another state, and we decided to keep each other accountable towards running.  Although she was training for a half marathon....once I hit 5miles, then I started training for a half marathon!

So now, we are states a part, I am in Texas still, and she is in Florida, and we are both encouraging each other every night to get out there and run, even when it's hard, and even when it's not fun....yet!

My goal is to be able to run 4 miles by July 4th for our local run, the FireCracker 4Miler!! I am excited to do that run on the 4th of July, and it will be an exciting mile stone for me! Plus it's different from just a 5K, which I like! Right now I am at 2 miles, so I'm feeling good about that.  Although after my first 2 mile run, my legs were killing me! I decided to switch shoes yesterday, and these are feeling pretty good so far.

So I will keep pushing, because I know how good it feels when it becomes easier, and a joy to run long miles! I know that the "runner's high" so often referred to, actually is a real thing! And I MISS IT! So until then friends, I will RUN! little signautres