Plugs or No Plugs?

Plugs or No Plugs?
Do you listen to music when you run or workout? Do you have an iPod or MP3 player that you turn on and enjoy your workout with the plugs in your ears? OR are you one of those people that enjoy only the noise that is around them? I am really curious to see what it is that you like.. 
I personally enjoy both... When I run outdoors ALONE, I don't like music. I enjoy listening to the cars going by or the birds. We ran pretty late last night and though I was with some other ladies and we were chatting-- it got dark and you could hear the bugs and everything. It was so peaceful. However, when I run with my son... we love to put on Pandora and go at it. He has so much fun clapping and trying to sing along. I tend to put it on Toddler Bop and there are many of the same songs that I have on my MP3 player. 
So.. when I DO put the plugs in... what do you think I listen to? I AM VERY interested in what you listen to as I am trying to build my running music... I also wonder if anyone at all has random music like I do? If you know me personally some of this music will probably be like.. WHHHAT! But remember, this is workout music and for the most part, I don't even listen to it! On a regular day my radio is on KLove and my CD of choice is worship music or kids praise... 
My Music List Includes:

Carrie Underwood
Simple Plan
Casting Crowns
My Chemical Romance
Mercy Me
Christmas Music
Now isn't that the most RANDOM mix EVER? I have this random mix because sometimes I want to hear hardcore, other times sweet worship, then other times some good country, and let's not forget those nostalgic moments when I really crave me some good Christmas Music! 
Is your list as odd as mine?
Please share!!