Pie Class... What Fun!

Last weekend my neighbor held a Pie Cooking Class! It was so much fun. I recently... like in the last six months... started making my own pie crust from scratch. I actually ended up using the same recipe she uses. I have always been so intimidated by making pie crusts.. anyone with me? But after I did it a few months back I realized how easy it was. The difference it is in taste is amazing as well!!! So it was nice to be 'forced' to make more pie crust. But the amazing thing here is that ALL of it was homemade. 
It was just a group of five girls and of course we had a blast. A class that we thought would last about 2 hours lasted close to 5! Girls can talk, right? We had so much fun. I learned lots of neat little tips from my neighbor. She is such a fantastic cook and now I am trying to get her to do a few more classes before we move: Bread Baking, Pasta Making.. etc. I have done all of those, but having someone patiently teach you... I feel like I learn so much more. 
We were able to taste Apple, Pecan, and Pumpkin Pies. Then we made our own Apple Pie and then baked it at home. The pictures here are my Apple Pie. Pecan Pie was SO GREAT! That is a pie that is VERY intimidating to me. But after she explained to us how to make it, I now realized it isn't THAT hard. I plan to make my very first pecan pie at Thanksgiving! The Pumpkin Pie was great to learn because she has her secret way of making it. Oh how I want to share these recipes to you, but I will need to ask her first. If I have a lot of interest from you for the recipes.. I will ask her if she minds. But man, they were so yummy and so easy. I highly recommend attending a cooking class if need be. 
The pie is beautiful and tasted so great. Do you have a favorite pie? A favorite recipe?
-Big Sis