Picked Out My Baby Bedding Patterns & An Apology

Little Sis here.....let's just face the facts, it has been way too long, and Big Sis and I both got burnt out with writing blog posts.  In the midst of both of us moving, buying houses, having a new baby, being pregnant....we have just been swamped with life.  I will make this short and sweet because really I feel bad for my lack of posting, but all-in-all, I think we just need to get back to raw posting.  Just sharing our hearts, and how we are doing, or what fun things we are up to in our homes or with our families.   I think that is when we enjoy posting the most, rather than posting to stay on schedule or having the feeling that we have to entertain readers, or do everything perfectly. So here it is.  For now on, we promise to just be US! We may not post weekly.  We will probably misspell words.  And our photos most definitely will not be perfectly edited, but we will have fun sharing our lives with you! So here goes!


Let's start with this....I, Little Sis am officially 25 weeks pregnant! After miscarrying in May 2013, (read about that HERE) this pregnancy has been amazing, and I know that we are having  BABY BOY! We are so thrilled!

25 Weeks Prego--in Cocoa Beach, Florida with my husband!

So anyways, we found out in mid-December our baby gender, and since then I have been busy with holiday stuff, but I am filling my Pinterest Boards with baby boy room ideas, and I am so excited to get back home and start on our Little One's nursery!

So I am so proud to say that I spent last night picking fabrics out for my baby bedding! I was actually really stressed about it, but it turned out to be not so bad.  So here's what I came up with!

baby bedding


Let me tell you how each of these fabrics will be used:

Starting on the top left: will be the crib bedskirt. The next two prints on the top will be made into a baby blanket.

Bottom left: will be the outside of the bumper, the bottom middle will be the inside of the bumper.

Those are the main ones we are using.  My husband thought the bottom right looked too girlie.  So I decided to opt out of using it on the crib, but I like it so much I may get a pillow made from it to throw on my rocker.


So what do you think?? Obviously our colors are the teal/mint, navy, and gray!!


By the way, it's great to be BACK!!