The Perfect Mom Swimsuit


So as a new mom taking a vacation to the beach, I was looking for the perfect swimsuit.

Let's be honest for a moment, only recently have we started seeing more cute, full coverage swimsuits on the market.  Previously, one pieces and tankinis were pretty plain, but nowadays, they are getting more fun and stylish.  Which hey we may be mom's, but we are still wanting to look stylish, and let's be real sexy when we wear a swimsuit, especially on the beach!

Once we find a cute suit, then there is the dilemma of making sure we look great in it, but also have some coverage. Now I am all for mom's wearing a straight up two piece and getting their tan on.  I did a couple of times when we were at the beach. BUT there are also those times when we are building castles in the sand of jumping of 8ft drops on a boat, and as a mom, I wanted a suit that I knew would keep me covered when I'm kneeling in a not so hot position digging sand pits.  And when I jumped off the side of the boat holding hands with my niece, I wanted a suit that wouldn't come halfway down in the clear blue Gulf waters for all to see!

So, in my search to find the perfect mom suit, I found a pretty great one!


This suit is made by a company called The Candy Strand.


Take a look at some of the fun we had on our beach vacation!






So you may notice something about these photos.  The bathing suit I'm wearing looks different on different days!

That is the hidden secret, the best part about the Candy Strand swimsuit!

They are made with two patterns, one on each side of the swimsuit, and it is a full tube top that can be worn in so many different ways.  You can have a pattern on the top, bottom, half-and-half, or fully one pattern on each side.  PLUS, you can wear it as a tankini, bikini. or this particular suit can be worn long as you see in some of my photos, because it is the Tress Dress.

How awesome is that!!


Where else will you find one suit that is trendy, stylish, supportive, and able to mold into so many different styles, all in one!

Let me just tell you a few of my favorite things about the Candy Strand Suits.

Favorite Things: 

  • They have so many different stylish patterns, it was so hard to choose
  • They are great for strolling along the beach (wearing in the dress style), or getting your tan on (as a bikini top)
  • Obviously it's great that you can change the length of the suit to your liking for a specific day
  • You can wear the same suit all week and it have a different "pattern" every time
  • The fabric is thick and supportive
  • It doesn't fall off when you jump into the water
  • You are able to have fun swimming without worrying about your suit coming down or off. Which is actually surprising since it is a tube top, strapless suit
  • I felt confident and sexy in the suit
  • They also have some extremely cute bottoms as well

Not So Favorite Things: 

  • The only downfall I found in the bathing suit came when I had the mint doubled onto itself at the top (across my chest).  See the very first photo posted.  It was fine in the beginning, but after getting it wet, my sister made me aware, that it had become see through.  Enough so that you could see my breasts. Once I made the stripes go behind the mint, it was safe, and no more see through.  I was very surprised at this, because as I mentioned above, the quality of the fabric is incredible, and has a supportive thickness to it where you wouldn't think it could become see through. Despite this though, I still LOVED the suit!


So.....if you are interested in getting yourself one of these awesome Candy Strand Suits, this is a great chance because they have given me a discount code to share with you! Wahoo, who doesn't love a good deal!

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DISCLAIMER: I was provided this products by The Candy Strand, but all opinions are my own.little signautres