Pallet Swing

So in the second half of 2011....

my husband and I had two big life changes happen. 
We moved into a new home....
We got introduced to the world of Pinterest! 
Or shall I say I got introduced and soon enough began passing ideas off to my husband!
Well with our new house, we had a small back patio/porch that was after seeing a wonderful little modern swing on Pinterest, and learning how cheap it could be, I talked him into making it. 
I say I can take some credit since I found the idea, 
but really my husband did absolutely all the work...
even tweeking it some to make the project more fun! 
We decided to make a flat pallet swing for our back porch.  
It was really so cheap, here are all the supplies that we needed: 
1 Pallet
1 Large piece of rope (bought the length we needed from Lowes)
2 Eye Hooks (also from Lowes)
Some stain of your choice, and of course hammer and nails
My husband put it together in one day! It turned out awesome, and since our back porch isn't too big, it's nice because it doesn't take up much room, it just sits in the corner.  
The only thing not that great about it, is that it is really just a one person swing, so if you are wanting something for you and your spouse to sit on, you should go a different route.  But if you are looking for a simple, cute, and comfy swing to read on or enjoy the weather on, this is great! 

And to make it personal and fun, my husband decided to make the parts of the swing that hang on the outside of the ropes little flower boxes.  This was his own idea and it turned out really great. At first I wasn't sure about it, but I really love it! (sorry I don't have a photo with the pretty flowers in it for you)

Anyways, let me know if you have tried this, or if you end up trying it! 
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