Our first "pet" that isn't our dog...

For the first time my boy wanted to bring an animal indoors and make him our pet. It was so sweet. Daddy was at work and my boy saw a frog inside a container in the garage. He called out for me to come help the froggy. He then wanted to take the frog inside to keep for Daddy. I did the best I could... I do not like touching those things! :) But I got it in a large mason jar and poked holes in the top for air...until we could show Daddy. My little man was SO excited all night about his new frog friend... We decided it was okay for Mr. Froggy to spend the night until Daddy could see him the next morning...
Then Daddy came home...
Spend the night my foot! :) This froggy became part of our family for a time. They built him a home. They went outside together to search for items that Mr. Froggy would need inside his home. My boy was so very proud of Mr. Froggy's home. Then they had to go search for bugs to feed Mr. Froggy! :) Well wouldn't you know after all the bonding with Mr. Froggy that they had to name him.. :) Guess what they named him?
My boy wanted to name his first non-dog pet Marker. I love it. So they worked together to write Marker's name on his home! Daddy did it and then little man did it! LOOOOVE!

My boy especially loved looking for the right bugs to feed Marker. Then they worked together to get the bugs into the jar for Marker to eat.
Marker lived with us for a little over a week. Then we talked about how lonely Marker must be without his Mommy, Daddy, and friends and we let him go again. It was a family affair! :) We had a nice good bye and sent him on his way in our back yard. Marker was so happy to be out of his home that we helped him create over the past week! My boy was such a great sport at letting Marker go and couldn't have been any better at taking care of him while we had him!

A week later Daddy came home with another pet... a snake. We have now had our pet snake, Rudy for about a week as well. He has gone from a small plastic container, to a larger plastic container, to now a full out home. He has been fed two mice in the time we have had him as well. Stay tuned for more on our pet snake, ROOFY, as the boy calls him.
I love the names that my little one comes up with for our new pets. We just found out that we will be adding another baby to our family... My sweet son loves to hug and kiss my belly and talk to it. He calls it a "her" "girl" "baby sister"... could he be right? This is all done with ZERO coaching! The best part is.. when we asked him what he wanted to name the baby today, his response was:
"Um... Sticker"
Yea, we shall see about that one! :)
-Big Sis

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