One Quick Story

Spring Break was incredible! We expected the Lord to show up and he totally exceeded our expectations!! The Lord is so good and so powerful! How in the heck do we as humans think we can put the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE in a box! ha ha it makes me laugh, and I'm sure it makes God laugh when we don't think he can do something, or doubt him! I really think God loves to show us how much he can do beyond our expectations, and totally shatter our little tiny boxes that we have him in!

One quick story:

Well you see, when we go to an outreach we sit in silence and wait on the Lord to speak to us! And I believe the Lord definitely talks to his children...well what we are waiting on is words, names, pictures, etc. that will identify-highlight people that he wants us to minister to! Or sometimes God will give us crazy weird words that we will see as we are going to the outreach, and that word may not have a significant meaning for a person to be saved or healed, but it is just God showing his faithfulness and that he speaks to his children!

Anyways though, God can also speak to us through pains we have in our body. I don't mean like I rolled my ankle playing basketball so it must mean he wants me to pray for someone with a rolled ankle and both of us will be healed :-) But sometimes if you are aware of it there may be a sharp pain, or slight throbbing in a place on your body that the Lord is trying to get your attention with. We have seen this happen in small groups where the person speaks up and asks if someone is having knee pains and through their boldness finds out that someone is, and they get healed, or may just get prayed for and blessed in seeing that the Lord is noticing them and hears their prayers!

For me this has never happened...but last Thursday I was noticing little pains all over, and so as I worked hard to discern if some of those were from the Lord, I told them to write down one where I got a shooting pain down my leg starting at my hip. My pre-med friend behind me popped up and said that sounds like a Sciatic Nerve, so we were all aware of this.

Anyways, towards the end of the night at our outreach a friend called me over to her and a woman she was talking with and asked me what word I had gotten that night. I explained the pain I got and how it felt and that someone named it a sciatic nerve. This lady couldn't believe it!

You see earlier she had gotten prayer for a pain in her back and had been healed, she came in pain and left painless! Then they shared the gospel with her and she was on the verge of praying the prayer to accept Jesus! When I explained the pain I had to her she said, "YEP THAT'S WHAT I HAVE! Except I named it my psychotic nerve....ha ha ha!"

It was amazing! The Lord had never spoken to me through a pain in my body...or I had never been aware enough of it! Usually when I wait on words from the Lord, or even a lot of times when I am praying over people the Lord uses pictures to speak to me!

I will tell more stories later! Enjoy this one though!