Old fence turned rustic wooden box

So my husband is very creative himself, so I have decided to brag on some of his work on the blog today! 
Last week he was asked to help clean up a ladies yard, so when I got home he had a truck load of scrap wood, and limbs, etc.  He was taking out all the wood and stacking it in our garage...now understand this wood was old and had nails all in it. I had no idea why he wanted to keep it, and really just felt like it made more of a mess than anything.  Take a look at what he was putting in our garage. 
Then he came up with the brilliant idea to use the wood to make an outdoor box.  We haven't totally decided how we are going to use the box yet, but we are planning to keep it on our patio.  Maybe use it to keep our outdoor cushions in when they are not in use, or to put fire wood in so it doesn't get wet all the time or just sit out in the yard.  The box could also double as a small patio table, or extra seating on our patio, there are so many options on how we can use it! 

He started the box by just building a frame, then basically he covered the frame with the wood.  
The great thing about this box is that is didn't cost us any money. He had the extra wood laying around for the frame, and he had the rope for the handles.  He did have to spend a few dollars on extra screws, but still those will be used for other items too.  

All in all I think our new Rustic Wooden Box looks pretty good!!! I'm very proud of his work! 

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