Oh, the fun we have!

As a daycare provider, one of my favorite things to do is cook with the kids! The kids love it so much. I do not mind a mess and I love to let the kids play and make anything they want. They are use to our routine, so they are pretty good about keeping order. So the other day we decided to make homemade pizza. Of course, we had to grind our wheat in the wheat grinder that I have from Nutrition Lifestyles. The kids LOOOVE that part. It is so loud and so fun to watch the whole wheat go down the grinder. 
The kids really enjoy putting their hands in the wheat and feeling it. Once we have it all ground up and it is the texture of wheat flour, the kids love feeling that as well. It is so fun watching them. Some kids just play and play while others, like my own, are too worried about how dirty their hands are! :) 
Once we finished that part, we had to start putting the dough together. The kids enjoyed putting all of the ingredients in and then we had to let it knead. We used our Bosch from Nutrition Lifestyles! Love my appliances! 
We also made our homemade sauce! Obviously it was so yummy! My little munchkin preferred to eat it straight from the spoon.
I gave each table a plate filled with different items you can put on their pizza. The kiddos were able to get their pizza exactly like they wanted. I did not help at all. It was so fun to see how they did their pizza.

We baked the pizza.. and then each child got to eat half of it and took the other half home! YUM! 

The kids also rolled out their dough. They loved it. Anytime you need something quick to do with your kids-- COOK with them. My kids love it! 
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-Big Sis