No More Poo

What in the world???
Who does that!!?
I am talking about no more Shampoo. A few months back I read a friend's blog post about her mission to stop using shampoo. I was like.. 'uh, ok!' But as I continued to watch her progression pictures I noticed such a huge change. I then began to research it. All you have to google is my title 'no more poo' and you will pull up many blogs. As much as I DESIRED to try it, there was no way, no how.
You see... I am a full out grease ball. If I do not wash my hair the morning of, it is sweating grease. If I wash my hair the night before, sleep on it, then get up and not wash it... rest assured the grease will be oozing by lunch time. If I am hot or sweaty, it comes that much faster. So there was no way that I could try not using shampoo. I mean, SERIOUSLY???? I can't even go a single day without washing my hair. I have always said it was so unfair.
Picture is courtesy of this website because I am too lazy to take my own.
I have always felt a bit shafted between my sister and I. I have always been the short one, her tall. I have always been chunky, her not. I have always been a little less graceful, her name is the definition of Grace :) Ok.. I am being nice there. But really. We are so opposite.. I really thought I was adopted at one time. Our brother was tall too!!! I have the large chest, her.. not! It just wasn't fair. She has HAIR that is amazing... will curl, be straight, go without washing.. not me. Do you guys see how unfair it has been?? Oh AND she gets to be the baby of not only our family.. but the extended family. Spoiled.
With that said, a couple of months ago I decided I was going to give it a shot. My hair was falling out so bad.. I could not figure out why. Seemed to be doing it at a quicker pace than normal. The husband and I talked and we decided I should give this a try. So.. I did. I got my 2 spray bottles and all of my goods and got ready for it!!!
2 Spray Bottles
Baking Soda
Apple Cider Vinegar
I pretty much followed the local gal's directions to begin with and it worked for me. This time around I decided to leave out the apple cider vinegar. It is more of a conditioning.. we shall see how it holds up without using it. I personally did not like the smell of it.. though it went away rather quickly.
So what happened to make me stop? I did a MUD RUN!! When we got home from it I was rushing to get cleaned so we could go on our mini-vacation. Needless to say, I used my shampoo.. and kept using it. Loving the smell, clean feeling, etc. But I have noticed in the past two to three weeks that my hair is so greasy all the time after like 8 hours of being washed. SO... it was time to start this again.. And now you get to share it with me! 
The ideal ratio is 1tbsp. of baking soda to 1 cup of water..... I put it in a spray bottle and put it all throughout my hair. I especially used it on the scalp and massaged it around... The apple cider vinegar is important on your ends, I have read. I dunno. I will keep you posted on how it goes. 
If you want more information these are the two blogs I have used while deciding to do it:
Today I woke up and rinsed my hair with water, massaging it while I did it.. After it dried on its own.. because of course I do not use a hair dryer.. This is what it looked like. I can't believe I am posting this with no make up and baggy eyes.. but I have yet to get ready for the day and it is almost 3pm. This is a day off people!! Don't judge me! I am pleased with Day 1. 
I will keep you posted!! 
-Big Sis
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