Naturally-Nifty Party #8

I can't believe we are on our 8th one of these! We are so excited about these Linky Parties! If you have any advice for us on how to get more people over here to our blog to share their awesome creations, please comment and let us know!

I have to tell you that I love this blog. I love specifically that it seems it is keeping Lil' Sister and I in touch more. We are already super close... but doing this blog has really helped us make time to talk. We both lead busy lives (especially her)... and sometimes it is hard to find the right time to talk. I thought it would be so much easier when we moved back to the states... actually kinda harder! So this blog is such a wonderful way to keep in touch.

I have a blog I am working on about my new garden. We built and put in a Raised Garden. I am SO very excited about this!!! I will be sharing that later this week.... be on the look out! This week we will have some awesome news/recipes/updates on Weight Loss Wednesday too! Make sure you come back over and check those out!

Now.... to our top picks! It seems to be getting harder and harder to find my favorites. I love everything. I wish I had the skills and time many of you have. Good for you and all of your hard work!

1. Pamela over at Inspired By Felicity hit the nail on the head. I LOVE ChickPeas... and this recipe looks delish. I think I am going to make it tomorrow actually. What a fun way to enjoy them even if you are not a fan of them. I can see this being a staple in my home for Movie Nights... "Mom, chickpeas please.. no popcorn"... A girl can hope! :) But I am sure that I will love them and so will my husband... I am eager to think what my little boy thinks! Thanks for sharing with us, Pamela!! -Big Sis

2. I desperately want to try these Egg Brownies from The Pink Recipe Box. Are these not the coolest things ever? We have family coming in this weekend... but if I get motivated this week or by Easter, I do plan to try these. They are a little intimidating- but who doesn't love cool looking treats! I am sure my boy and even my daycare kids would love this. They would think it was super cool! Thanks for sharing this. I LOVE this idea. Why can't I come up with stuff like this? :) -Big Sis
3. I can't help but pick three and I am so sorry they are all food... a girl might be hungry at this moment. Thank you to The Pink Recipe Box for linking up these amazing goodies. I have to post this one because I MADE it and I LOVED it. I did it last week for my son's 2nd Birthday. I did a party with my daycare kids. The kids loved it. But I saved a freezer baggie full for his 'party' later that night. We were having a few friends over and I thought this would be a nice little munchey. NO LIE!! They loved it. The only thing that I did differently was not use Easter Colors. The colors are beautiful and I might do it again with them- but for his Birthday I just did all of the bright colors!! This is so yummy, you have to try it! -Big Sis
I love what Life As a Thifter did with these pallet boards! She made a canvas and then did some great artwork on it! I would def. love to have this hung in my house! I love the sun, it makes me so happy! To me having artwork like this just brings joy when people see it.  I think it has something to do with the bright colors, and just the joy that comes from the light of a sun! I absolutely love it and will probably be trying to make my own rendition of this soon! We have a few pallets laying around! Stop by to check out all the details on how she did this!  -Little Sis
Jazmin over at My Little Pumpkin made these adorable little Easter Peeps! If you know anything about me you know that I absolutely LOVE Easter, so I love mostly all Easter crafts! Especially cute little handmade things like these peeps! How fun, and such an easy project.  You could even do this with your kids if you have older kids. I could see my 9 year old loving this little project and doing great at making it! Head over to visit Jazmin and get all the details on how you can make these!  -Little Sis

Thanks so much for linking up last week! We loved it all! Have fun linking up all your fun stuff this week! And remember Easter is my favorite, so anything Eastery that you have LINK IT UP!!

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