Naturally Nifty Party #31

Naturally-Nifty Party! 
We really do love hosting this party every week, but we have been thinking about doing some updates lately! 
We don't have anything set in stone yet, but let us know if you have any ideas on how to vamp up this day! 
Check out this week's features!

Margaux fromYoung Nesters really grabbed my attention on her link up. Thank you SO much for linking up. As a mother who TRIES so hard to give her little guy healthy food.. sometimes the ways of society gets me. I won't lie. I kept reading when she mentioned giving "Meatless Mondays" a try because I had mentioned trying that out on our Fitness Blog to Little Sis. As I posted on Sunday.. in my other life I am a Vegetarian.. :) Anyways, as I continued to read she talked about the foods that our children eat. I was shocked at how much salt is in the Gerber foods that so many parents feed their children. My little guy has had a few, but for the most part he never had much baby food. He was breast fed until he was 22 months old and had no desire for normal food. Her blog post really encouraged me because she is the kind of mom that I desire to be. I want to pay attention to everything he is eating. I feed him better than much of society feeds their little ones, but I do have a long way to go. Thank you so much Margaux for sharing and I will be following your blog from now on.
 -Big Sis

I am loving this sweet Mermaid Party hosted by Just Us Four! I absolutely love this! She did some really cute things!! Plus Little Mermaid has always been my favorite Disney Movie! I hope my daughter will want a Mermaid Party one day! haha! You have to go see the cakepops up close, and all the cute decor details, Oh and I love her party favor idea for the party guests.  It fits right along with the theme and is perfect for kiddos!
-Little Sis

Since Fall is coming, and it is getting cool over here in my area, I had to feature these fun, easy, and cheap Sweater Pumpkins made by Alderberry Hill. Sarah did such an awesome job on this! Just think, either you could use old sweaters that you have, or go to Goodwill and find some.  You could even do all different colors, but this project is easy, and you are reusing something which is always great! Stop by and check out all the details of this fun project!

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