Name Change and Randomness

Happy Thursday, Readers!! 
Randomness from My Heart! 
As some of you have noticed, we have changed our Fitness Blog name. We wanted to make it more tied in with our other blog and etsy store. This is what we came up with- Naturally Fit Sisters. To go along with Natural Nesters. We figured we should do it now before we got too deep into this with a different name. 
There are so many awesome things going on with us right now... We have many things we are waiting to share with you and it is just so hard to keep it in. Little Sis and I have some of the same hopes and dreams for our lives. We want to be stay at home moms who take care of our children, husbands' and homes. But we do still want to help financially with our family. We are not 100% sure how we will do this, but we know that the Lord is sending us in the right direction right now and He is the one that has been hooking us up with so many great opportunities, such as being Sweat Pink Ambassadors. We can't wait to see what else the Lord has to offer. 
It is funny that our ultimate dream is to stay home. I have finished all of my schooling and proudly display my Bachelors and Masters Degree in my home. Little Sis is able to proudly display her Bachelors and is working hard at her Masters. I am so proud of her! But in the end, they mean nothing... not if we can't be home to raise our children and be the wife the Lord has called us to be. Does that mean I think every woman should stay home- NO! I just know what I am called to do and I am working SO hard to be able to get there. I can't WAIT! 
A Funk...
So... the past three days I have been in a funk. A serious funk. I have not wanted to run or go to the gym. As matter of fact, as I got to the gym tonight for CrossFit I realized I had not left my home since going to church Sunday morning. That is a sad realization. I did not want to go to CrossFit tonight... but the fact that I am in the beginning 4 week class, I needed to be there. I am SO glad I went. I think going tonight helped me overcome the funk I have been in and I am ready to keep on keeping on this week. 
There is a lot going on in my brain lately. A lot of uncertainty that came about because of some surprising news. A lot of questions that I have no answers too.. and my brain just goes.. and goes... and goes some more. By the end of the day I am physically and mentally exhausted! The last thing I have wanted to do was workout. Usually I can shake it.. but I have not been able to. I think CF may have helped.. we will see tomorrow. 
Share with me.. WHAT do you do when you just don't want to? 

Don't forget about our two giveaways.. they end tonight... And if you comment on this blog helping me know how to get over my funk... I will give you another entry into the giveaway! :)