My Workout Support

So I feel like I need to give some credit out to my husband these days! 
Since I have been training for a half, he has been great at helping me! 
You see, unlike a lot of people who will get up early in the mornings and run, I run at night. I usually like to start around 8pm when it's cool but not dark.  But obviously I am not always home and ready to run at 8pm, so there have been times when I will go at 9pm, or like last week, I started my long run at 10:30pm.  That sounds so crazy now, but I did that. 
Last week I ran 7miles at 10:30pm, which meant I didn't finish until about 11:45-11:50pm.  And my husband was with me the whole way. Of course he did not run with me, but he did ride his bike up and down the streets of our neighborhood with me! 
He is amazing, and so great! He could have been doing anything else, but since it was late and dark, and I NEEDED  to run, he came with me! 
I love having him as my workout support, so I had to brag about him! 

When do you workout out? Morning, daytime, night?? 
What do you do when you want to run but it is dark outside??
Who else is THANKFUL for their workout support!?