My HEART Overfloweth!

I am reminded each and everyday when I look at my little boy and feel my little girl in my belly how blessed I am. Things have been changing around here for the past few months and I realized yesterday how great it has become. My little family. Anyone that knows me knows how attached my son has always been to me.... and slowly, he is becoming more and more attached to his Daddy. So much so that he laid down on Daddy yesterday while we watched a movie and fell asleep. To many that doesn't seem like much, but he is a Mommy's boy. It is coming at a perfect time, don't you agree, since we are in the final weeks of just him!

Yesterday morning at church all I could do was smile and tear up a few times (hormones, much?).


We decided just to go to the base chapel.... and it was a good service. During the worship, our boy wanted to be higher. I held him in the first song, but man he gets heavy on my 9 month pregnant body. We sat down for announcements and they started again... he asked to go higher again... So Daddy got him. This NEVER happens. Our boy ALWAYS wants me to hold  him... and he let his Daddy hold him the rest of worship as he sat there in his arms smiling from ear to ear. My heart overflowed!

During worship he was clapping his hands like I have never seen him clap. He loved the music, many of which are songs we sing in the car with KLOVE, and he enjoyed clapping at the end. The whole time, he just beamed. My heart overflowed!

Walking to the front to give our offering, he walked, holding his Daddy's hand and put his money in the offering plate. We did this in church as a child, but I haven't' seen it done that way in many years... now they either pass it around the pews or you drop it somewhere on your way in or out. My heart overflowed.

They had Children's Time at the front with the pastor. Daddy walked him up there, sat him on the stair, and then he sat in the pew and waited. Our boy sat there like such a big boy and listened to the preacher. Again, I have seen this done in my younger years... but not so much. I loved how the chapel WANTED the kids in the church... My heart overflowed.

Then they had Sunday School for 3-12 year olds... our son being 3, husband walked him to the class. It is then I enjoyed a peaceful service alone. :) Sweet Husband stayed with him to make sure it was okay. He said he would have been fine, but wanted to make sure. My heart overflowed.


You see, when we moved here, like every move on a military child- there are transitions. He did so well when we started visiting another church, a MUCH LARGER church... and then after like week 2, he freaked and would not go anywhere, ANYWHERE without me! It seems the past couple of months we have been either out of town, camping, or choosing not to go on Sunday mornings.... the emotional toll it takes on all of us with those fits were hard. But I was not willing to FORCE him to go to a class screaming. I am not that kind of mom anyways, but we are moving again in a few months.... we will just have to go through it again. So in all honesty, we have gotten lazy about going and I don't like that. I told husband on Saturday night, we are going to church- even if the chapel, which is like MAYBE a quarter mile from my house. I am so glad we went. It wasn't huge, wasn't like the newer churches these days, but it was so good, my heart was blessed, and we will be going back.

Our son is growing up and as sad as it can be ... it is wonderful too. Things he does now that bless my heart:

  • Hears the gate at lunch OR end of the day, immediately stops what he is doing and runs to the back door yelling, LOUDLY, "Daddy! Daddy's HOME!" (I know this makes husbands day)
  • Once they get in the door (sometimes they can make it that far) our son is on his leg, climbing it, begging for bear hugs and kisses.
  • When husband leaves to go back to work at lunch (or any other time) our son HAS to have hugs and kisses from his Daddy or he has a meltdown.
  • He is getting better about letting me go to the store, PLAY BUNCO with the girls, or heck, even the bathroom without freaking out that I am leaving him.
  • He will tell me that "No, I need my Daddy to help me"

The list could go on and on and on. All I know is that my heart overfloweth and I am so glad. As I watched yesterday I loved it... and I talked to husband about it and told him that I love the changes our life has taken. Since our son was born our husband has been working 24 on, 24 off- been on TDY or deployment... but never home each night, unless on leave. I think the new schedule, where he sees his Daddy EVERY day... has been such a blessing on our life and him. He is growing into such a fine boy.

He is going to be such a great big brother and I can't wait to see him transition to this new role in his life.

Sometimes I miss blogging from my heart.. so there you have it. I went to bed thinking about this and woke up thinking about it.. and wanted to share with you.

P.S. Did I mention that we are 29 days away from our DUE DATE!