My Blessing Day....

There was one day on the trip that the Lord continually blessed was so amazing and overwhelming, I couldn't believe that the blessings just kept on coming, that is why I called it

My Blessing Day!
It started as I was praying with Kelsey over DC...I began to think of how much I wished I had more boldness praying for people, and discerning the Lord's voice while praying over people like Kelsey did. After that, my friend Torre came up and this seemed to be my first encouragement. He told me how he was watching me pray for those girls and he could see my compassion for them and could tell I was hearing from the Lord and speaking life into them! This was so encouraging at that time, it was exactly what I needed.

My second blessing came after Dani prayed over me, I saw my friend Johanna and began walking with her and I thought/prayed, "like her Lord, I want to hear words for others and speak them out as I pray like she does..." At that time Johanna asked me how I was feeling and I said, "I am feeling great!" And I was, the Lord had been blessing me all morning and I had felt his presence on me for the first time! It was amazing! At that time I just starting smiling and was filled with joy for a second and just laughed and had a few tears come out! ha ha Johanna took me and prayed that the Lord would continue to bless me! I was just so filled with encouragement and thanksgiving to the Lord for blessing me so much! It was like everytime I slightly compared myself or my spiritual gifts to others God used encouragement to reaffirm the gifts that he has given me.

Then, as Johanna and I walked towards the bus, a man from our church named Joe, who hung out with us and has the gift of prophesy, and speaks words over us a lot stopped me. I just laughed out loud by the fact that the Lord was about to bless me again! Literally all in a row! :-) He started by saying he saw leadership and teaching in me. With maybe a little administration. I confirmed yes, administration is A LOT of my spiritual gifts! And he said in me those two gifts meshed really well, more than they usually do and he could see these things as I prayed over people. Then he included that I have compassion for people which doesn't always go with the gifts of teaching and admin., but that he saw a lot of that in me. I was in awe and so thankful to the Lord. I was just full of joy and overwhelmed at the Lord's goodness, and the fact that this man who barely knows me called out some of my strongest gifts and one that I have been praying for.

He and Torre both used the word compassion, which is something I have been asking God for more of! I want to have love and compassion for people as the Lord does!

Then more blessing came that night during big team time! First Glorie encouraged me out in front of the group by saying how much I and my testimony had impacted her, and how maybe I was sent just for her! :-)

Then Natalie added on, and when she raised her hand I was so excited that she, with her sweet, wise, impacting words was going to encourage me. The day before I had just been thinking about wanting to be able to speak words out like she does with such clarity and sincerity! And here are some of the words she spoke over me: She said she is so blessed to be led by me because she trusts me and the words that come from me. She felts that every word I speak has been given from the Lord and discerned. Plus the fact that we give vision for all things. She basically focussed on how wise my words are and how she desires that and trusts my wisdom. I literally sat there asking the Lord Why, Why he was doing all this for me, and giving me this blessing too!? When we were done I went to tell Nat how I felt, and five other people came over and agreed with her word.

Then Josh told me how much he was encouraged by my words and encouragement, and how much he loves that I work at the school and he looks forward to coming to by office everyday. Just to talk and unload and how it is so great that I always have words of wisdom and encouragement.

It was just such a sweet day and I couldn't believe how much the Lord gave to me and blessed me through encouragement!