Mud Run with MOM!

So let me tell you a little bit about my life growing up. 
Growing up I lived in a normal American family....grew up with my mom, we ate pretty normal food for a small town, McDonald's Happy Meals a lot, and the norm dinners at home which consisted of processed foods, like one of my all time favs Mac n' Cheese! Along with that, I was a kid who grew up loving sports and playing them.  I worked out at school, but that was about it.  
It wasn't until I stopped playing sports my sophomore year in college that I realized I had to push myself to workout hard so that I didn't lose all that I had worked for throughout my life.  I also began learning about better ways to eat....(although I still love me some McDonald's sometimes), I try to eat fairly well.  
Along with this, my family didn't do like active things together.  I mean I had great parents that were faithful to come to all of my sporting events and cheer me on, but I didn't like grow up doing runs with my family.
That is why this past September's Mud Run was such a big deal! 
I got to do it with my MOM!! 
I love that! 
You see over the past I guess year and a half to two years my mom has been working out.  I love that this is something we have in common and can share now! It is so fun to be active with your friends and family.  It was amazing to get to do the mud run with my mom and cross the finish line with her! It's just fun to accomplish these things with people you love.  Plus its fun to see them and you reach new goals that you have set for yourself and to be able to encourage one another along! 
I am so proud of my mom for all the things she has accomplished! I love that she has gained a love for fitness and health.  I love that she has pushed herself to do things she never thought she could.  And I love being able to do those things with her! 
Here's a recap of our Mud Run together! 

My mom with our team! 

Mid Run with my mom and my nephew! (that's my niece on the sidelines wearing her Bondi Band :-) 

There we are coming through the Mud Pit Finish! 
Me & my mom covered in Mud! 

My mom showing off her two 5K bracelets! The Weight Watchers 5K & the Mud Run! I love it! 

After doing this with my mom and seeing how fun and inspiring it was for us both, this really gives me a new outlook on the family that I will have one day! 
I want to be able to do active things with my kids and raise them in an active lifestyle and encourage them in achieving goals, and achieve some with them! 
Thanks for the inspiration mom! I'm so proud of you! 

-Little Sis