Mud Run 8/29

I attended my second Mud Run last Saturday and I had a dang blast! This one was so great. It was their first time doing it, and I just read they are doing another one in November, and it was put together so well. There was SO much mud and so many obstacles. I was so glad that I had decided to go do that one. My partner in crime, Sarah, attended with me and I could not have asked for a better person. She and I just work... It is awesome. Below you can see us crawling through the mud... (I am on the left)
Courtesy of the Sacramento Press
We started it out with about a 1/2 mile to 3/4 mile run until we got to our first obstacle. We had to crawl under wire to get through it. It was so neat. The water felt GREAT! :) The run was held on a Ranch that had SO much land. It was so beautiful. As we ran we were running through garden after garden. Corn here, Squash there, etc. Seriously, it was amazing. We even ran through their Christmas Tree Farm. I would love to live out there and now I am so curious as to how many acres it was. Our favorite obstacle is below... we loved it so much we actually did it two times. 

The SLIDE! This was amazing. We first went down on our stomachs.. it was fun. I didn't get a good speed that time, but I still managed to somewhat get to the bottom. Then we had to trudge through mud, use a rope to get up the hill, run around the bend, and then trudge through a LONG, LONG area of mud. That was one of the more tired obstacles... that long stretch of mud. But once we made it across we climbed back over to the slide and went again. Sarah went down feet first this time and I ran and went down on my stomach again. I caught SO much speed this time and was yelling at Sarah because I was about to bust into her. She moved right in time and the speed took me all the way down.. so fast. This was SO fun. We talked about how fun it would be to have one of these in our back yard! Minus the nasty mess, of course. 

Just when you would think you were about done, there lie another obstacle. I LOVED it. We went though tires, tunnels, under wires, on a rope swing, slide, jumped a wall -- or three, over and under pipes... It was so much fun. I was so impressed with how well it was brought about since it was their first year. These guys for sure know what they were doing. I can't wait to do it again!! 
Courtesy of my cell phone and some nice men! :)
I am on the left. 
If you have not done a mud run, I highly suggest it. It is so awesome just getting down and dirty and feeling like a child again. It is fantastic going with a  girlfriend who wants to have as much fun as you. We would tell each other- "get down.. army crawl".. I mean, really.. we are AT the Mud Run.. why not?
This sweet girl had mentioned how she was thinking about doing a 1/2 Marathon the next day. We had planned to do one in October together, but it just did not work out, sadly. After we finished we went up to the front of the farm where they have a HUGE Farmer's Market from crops on their farm. (amazing, yes).. and she mentioned it again. It was right then and there I decided... if I could find replacement in the church nursery the next day (Thanks, Robyn) and I could figure out childcare... I would do it. Then she would have to!!!!! She didn't realize that is what I was doing... but we worked it.. and less than 24 hours after that Mud Run.. we were out together again gearing up for our 1/2 Marathon. Sarah's first... my second. But the last one was four and a half years ago... 
Stay tuned for the 1/2 Update..... 
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-Big Sis