Well several things have happened since last week, and well I might be going to Mozambique, Africa for two weeks this summer with my husband and a team from our church to do mission work!!!

Let me start at the beginning:
Last semester in like AUGUST! Meguell mentioned going to Mozambique...I really wanted to go to Israel (these are both trips that my church takes each year), but I really started thinking about Mozambique, knowing that I WILL GO TO ISRAEL IN MY NEAR FUTURE. So anyways, we started thinking about Mozambique and praying about the trip, but then as I thought logically: Meguell doesn't have a job, it's $3,000 each and as a married couple everything doubles!! Which means we would be paying $6,000 each. At that point I kind of just pushed the idea out of my mind and we kind of just stopped talking about it.

Then, just this semester we thought of it again and I kind of pushed away the thought! Then last week, I watched the documentary "Finger of God" (you should watch it! Or Youtube it, it is in segments on youtube but it's good)! Well this movie got me stirred up and me and Meguell talked more about it and contacted the Trip Coordinator from our church!

It was when I was watching that movie and seeing a missionary named Heidi Baker love on African children that I got stirred up and I felt the Lord reminding me....why did you let money sway you from where I was leading you!?? I mean I have seen the Lord provide in radical ways! And when I pray for other people, I fully believe that the Lord will provide! So why did I doubt that he wouldn't provide for Meguell and me!??

Anyways, so we have turned in all of our information and our deposits, my boss let me off work for 2 weeks! and now we are waiting to make sure there are seats available on the same flight as the rest of the team!! (Since we came in late, they had already bought the team tickets)

But I am fully trusting that the Lord has brought us this far and if he wants us in Mozambique this summer then he will provide tickets! So be in prayer with us! We should have confirmation by the end of the week! I will keep you posted!

Also! When we get tickets, half of the team will be college students, and friends we walk very closely in life with! Which is just another blessing to get to serve in such an awesome way on the other side of the world with people we love so much!!

Please pray for us in all areas of this trip!