Yep that's right....we are moving!

Boxes are everywhere....our house is a even though our move out date isn't for a month or so, I have no desire to really clean my house, because it never actually feels clean!

Anyways, I don't mind the packing and moving, because after all the hard work, on the other side of all the boxes, newspapers, bubble wrap, and packing tape lies a new life for us!

A new neighborhood, new neighbors, a different street....more closet space, a bigger house, more room for entertaining and hosting, MY VERY OWN CRAFT ROOM....and last but not least 3 new boys!

Boys you say?? ....yep that's what I said!

Starting in August Meguell & I will be host parents to three high school boys from an Asian country! Not sure exactly where they are coming from or their exact ages yet, but we will be their host parents for the next year!

We are very excited about all of this!! We know that this is an opportunity that God has put in front of us...and in reality, something he has been preparing us for! We will be able to pour into the life of three boys who may or may not be Christians! We will be able to show them what it looks like to live in a God-loving home, and love them as Christ loves us! Also, with all of the college students that we lead, they will see how we interact together and love each other, and I know they will learn so much from all the wonderful people we live our life with!

Thank you Jesus for using us!!

God will have to be our strength and what gets us through each day! That is one thing I am very excited about!

I am not naive...I don't think it will be all sunshine and daisies....I know it will be hard and challenging...not only with the boys, but even with Meguell and I! But I know that at the end of this we will have learned to lean on the Lord for everything! To make it through this joyfully, we will have to take everything to the Lord, and let him guide us, and fill us up when we are worn out and tired!!

And thank you Lord for the promises that we can stand on....knowing that you will do all of these things and even more for us!!

Come on! It's time to be's time to throw it all down and allow the Lord to be everything you realize that we are so totally hopeless without HIM!