Let's Get Movin' with #LJMove


Active Nation Day is upon us!!

What's Active Nation Day you ask!?!? Active Nation Day is sponsored by Lorna Jane and will take place on Sunday, September 28th!

Active Nation Day is a day to motivate, inspire, and move! Join together with some of your favorite friends, and make a choice to have a Beautiful & Fit Future as Women! No matter what way you decide to move, MOVE! Whether it's running, dancing, a fitness class, or a hike, get out and get active!

"It’s time to let your actions speak louder than words and mark your commitment to living your most authentic and active life."


There are several ways to start getting prepped and ready for the big day– Download the new Lorna Jane smartphone App to track your movement, Register to one of the Lorna Jane Events in your area, and get your Active Armour sorted!

Check out some of these awesome INSPIRATIONAL TANKS from Lorna Jane!


Lorna Jane is such an inspiration, and motivational company! They are constanting reminding people to MOVE, NOURISH & BELIEVE! Every day! Even for just 20 minutes a day, set your goals in the morning on how you will MOVE! Take care of your body, and fill it with nutritional and whole foods, that will NOURISH you from the inside out.  And BELIEVE, believe fully in who you are, who you were created to be, and all the potential that is inside of you, set goals, and don't be afraid to go after them!

So as always, Lorna Jane loves spreading the Active Love & Motivation, and what better way than with a contest!!

The #LJMove Contest! 

So what's this contest all about!?!?

"The #LJMOVE is our way of asking you to show us just how you get moving, by taking a photo (or even better, filming it) of you incorporating the signature #LJMOVE into your daily workout!"

Lorna Jane has created their signature #LJMove dance moves for you to show off while having fun and getting involved in moving on Active Nation Day! 

Here's a photo breakdown of me doing the #LJMove in my Lorna Jane tank and sports bra!


You can also check out the Lorna Jane video of the #LJMove HERE!

So now, how do you WIN!?!!?

  1. DO THE #LJMOVE anytime, anywhere – video it or take a photo
  2. UPLOAD your video or photo to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook
  4. INSPIRE a sporty sister (or two) to do the #LJMOVE too by passing this on

The contest starts TODAY, September 10th-September 30th! You can enter as many times as you want, and the winner gets  a $1,000 Giftcard to shop at Lorna Jane!! OMG! Who wouldn't want to win!

So go get your #LJMove on, invite friends to move with you by SHARING all about it! and post your fun #LJMoves!

See you at #ActiveNationDay, Follow me on Instagram & Twitter to see how I get my #LJMove on, because you know I plan to! 

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