Motivation Monday + a GIVEAWAY!


Today I want to share this quote with you.  I used this in the Yoga Class I taught this past Saturday.


Do you have light from within?

Are you happy inside, joyful even? Are you a positive person, not only externally but internally as well?

When I teach yoga I focus on our internal self a lot.  I encourage people to speak positive things over themselves because how we feel about ourselves reflects on the outside who we are, and in return, how others see us.

This doesn't mean your life has to be perfect, and you have to have it all together.  We all face hard circumstances in life, get discouraged, or struggle with self-esteem at times.  But don't allow your self to put yourself down.  Be encouraging to yourself, even when you aren't feeling like it.  Be your own personally cheerleader and help yourself get out of a funk when you fall into one, like you would do for a friend.

It all starts on the INSIDE! 

Because like a stained-glass window, who you are on the inside, the light you have there will shine on the outside! Either with darkness, or with light showing off your true beauty!


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