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This week's Motivation Monday is all about NOURISHing! & how to Nourish our bodies through our eating habits!

This post itself was motivated by 2 things.

1-Lorna Jane's mantra: Move.Nourish.Believe. and the emphasis she puts on nourishing your body inwardly and outwardly.

2-Chalene Johnson's podcast I listened to this week, called 11 Eating Habits of Fit People.







Both of these people are inspirational in so many ways, not only in fitness and health, but in living an overall wholesome lifestyle full of adventure, productivity, goal setting, and taking care of yourself in every aspect.













This week when listening to Chalene's podcast, there were two things that really stuck out to me that I had to share.  All related to NOURISHING!

1-Post pregnancy, I have really gotten into good eating habits.  Not perfect, but good! I still eat out on occasion, and I still indulge in chips and queso (my fav), but for the most part I have a very routine weekly eating plan.  I have learned what I enjoy throughout the week, and I know exactly what I am getting when I go to the store. My husband found this a little weird that I didn't have much variety, until I let him listen to #1 of the 11 Eating Habits of Fit People, then he took in the idea, almost like it made sense to him.

So here is it: (paraphrased from Chalene Johnson)

'Fit people don't have a huge variety.  Although most diets advertise that you can still eat a variety of foods.  Chalene stated that after working with fit people over 15+ years, she realized that they had set foods that they ate.  Although sometimes they would rotate in new items, for the most part, they have 3-5 things they ate for breakfast, 3-5 things for lunch, etc.'

I was amazed at this thought, but also proud because I feel like I have begun this habit on my own!

She also stated that she would ask them if they calorie count, but they don't because they know what their go-to's are, and they are staying with healthy, whole foods, so there was no need to count calories! This makes total sense.

So maybe try this at home.  See if you can find things that are healthy, and closest to their whole, natural form, and make those things what you eat.  But make them things that you like.

Here's a few ideas of what I eat: 


  • smoothie
  • eggs
  • fruit
  • yogurt with granola


  • sandwich
  • fruit
  • smoothie
  • raw veggies dipped in ranch
  • more fruit


  • popcorn (stove popped, lightly salted)
  • granola
  • Greek yogurt with granola
  • sweet potato chips
  • boiled eggs
  • fruit
  • protein bites

These are just some of my go-to's, but you have to make it your own, and find things that you look forward to eating! 


For me, I don't feel like I'm missing out! I enjoy what I eat! I am a big snacker, so on my grocery list and go-to eating list, I have snacks that I eat throughout the day! I have been sharing those on our Facebook Page lately, so go FOLLOW US for ideas!


2-Secondly, Chalene totally wrecked my mind on this concept, and it will be something that I most definitely have to work on.


"Fit people have a set time at night that they stop eating.  They don't snack late at night, they go to bed on an empty stomach. Where did we get the idea that we need to go to bed on a full stomach. When we go to bed on a full stomach, we aren't getting as good of rest as normal because our body is working so hard to process the food while we are sleeping.  Instead, go to bed on an empty stomach, allow your body to fully rest, and wake up ready to eat a nice healthy breakfast.'

'Instead of craving snacks at night, we need to start craving the feeling of waking up with an empty, flat stomach'

Oh come on! You know that feeling, the feeling when you wake up some mornings and feel extra thin! That is a good feeling!


I am the worst about snacking at night, even on healthy things, but not always the healthy things!

My husband and I stay up until at least midnight every night, so eating dinner at 6-8PM, I am hungry for a snack by 11PM.  So like I said this one will be extra hard for me.

But the point about letting your body rest, even from processing food, makes total sense! 

I need to change my thought from needing to go to bed full, to needing to go to bed on an empty stomach!

It is so important to NOURISH our bodies, with good, healthy foods! So I encourage you, find foods that you enjoy, but that will NOURISH your body, and feed your mind as well! & find good snacks, but beware of eating too late at night, and be kind to your body by giving it time to relax when you sleep! 

If you have time this week, take a moment to listen to this podcast, it is so motivating! or listen while you clean your house, that's what I did!

and always remember....












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