Motivation Monday


So many times we have dreams and desires, goals, that we want to achieve so bad, and whether it is something far from our grasp, or right within an arms reach, we will allow one thing to get in our way.....what's that one thing!??


It's the most annoying thing in the world to see someone with so much potential get into a slump of fear, and not become all that they were made to be.

It's the perfect plan attack us in our strongest places, and keep us from achieving all that we were made to be! That is the plan of the enemy, the plan of fear, to get us so afraid to fail that we never even take one step towards trying.

Next time that you feel yourself becoming afraid to fail, remember, that usually the things we are most afraid of lead us to our greatest victories!


Don't be afraid to step out on a limb, to put yourself out there! I fully believe that as we step out in faith towards our dreams, as we take chances, that doors will be opened for us, and will lead us down a path towards our destiny!

So push fear aside, and choose faith! Enjoy every part of the journey, even the uncomfortable, awkward, and hard parts, because they are the parts that create adventure, and lead to the awesome, joyful, fun parts of life.  The parts that create laughter, and memories, and teach us lessons that prepare us for our future!


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