"Sticker's" Birth Story + Giveaway!


We are so excited to start a Parenting Series with you. This series will last for several weeks and we have some wonderful companies that have offered some GREAT giveaways for you!! We are so excited for what is in store. To start off our series, I am going to share my birth story of our daughter. I have previously shared the birth story of our son, HERE... if you care to read. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this sweet memory with me.


From the moment I found out I was pregnant back in August 2012, I struggled with doing a VBAC or repeat C-section. I ended up with a C-section after laboring with our son, "Rooster", for many many hours. The DR. ended up calling it "Failure to Progress (FTP)." I struggled as the time went on wondering if I truly was the case of FTP or if it was more Failure to WAIT! Rooster came right at 41 weeks and I trusted the Drs judgement. I had a great pregnancy and was totally prepared for a DRUG FREE, happy labor and delivery. It was a COMPLETE shock to me when I ended up in the OR. Again, you can read about it HERE.

This go around was much different. MUCH, MUCH different. Anyone that is a real life friend knows that I struggled with WHAT.TO.DO. We lived in California the first part of my pregnancy and moved to Texas midway through and I delivered here. Both states I found a DR. that would support me and my decision to VBAC if I chose to do so. I was pleased with BOTH of them and their willingness to work with me and give me the delivery that I desired... so long as it kept baby and myself, safe.

Around 34-35 weeks, I remember breaking down in the Drs office because I did not know what the best decision was. I had this nagging feeling that I was going to labor for hours again and end up in the OR anyways... and that made me sick... but I really, really wanted the chance to try it out. After talking with my Dr he assured me we could go forward with the VBAC .. he said that at 38 and 39 weeks he would check me and if there was ZERO progress like my son, we might start talking C-section. I know a lot of people probably think I could have waited longer than that, but again, I trusted him....

From Week 36-37 weeks I felt so much pressure/pain down low I was SURE our baby girl, "Sticker", had dropped. I didn't remember feeling this with our son and knew something was different. At my 38 week appointment he checked me... I was so excited..... only to be told that there was NOTHING. Baby was still really high and no dilation, effacement, nothing. I broke down that day when I got home and really had a hard time... But after just a little bit of that... I came to terms with it and was okay. I realized the main reason at this point I wanted to stay out of the OR was because I didn't want to be away from my son, who I had not been away from at night even once, for 3 or more nights! So.... we carried on through the next week. I knew if there was no change, we would be going in for a C-section a week later....

We had tentatively scheduled our C-section for 15May. I knew a lot could change in one week, but in my heart... I knew it wasn't going to. I knew I was going back to the OR. I was relieved to find out that they don't make you stay in the hospital that long here and I would likely be going home on Friday after having our little lady on Wednesday evening. My family prepared for the arrival of our little one. Mom and Sister took off work to be here and husband had his schedule changed as well...

Week 39 appointment... I went in and they weren't sure if I wanted to be checked or not... I was struggling.. everyone had made their schedules to fit her arriving on the 15th.. WHAT if there was change... WHAT if there was the possibility that I can deliver this baby vaginally? What if? Then what? Do I ask everyone to redo their schedules because of my desire for a natural birth, that I am not even sure will happen? ... I opted to be checked.... only to hear that once again- NOTHING. His exact words were "She is sky high!" and my response was "Well, that makes this decision SO much easier!" So.. there we have it, 2 days later we would get to meet our lovely "Sticker!"

So let us fast forward to Wednesday, May 15th. My mom was due to arrive around 1pm and sister would come in around 3pm... and husband was at work. I met up with mom and got her a weeks pass for access to the base to make life easier for all involved... At 2pm, we dropped Rooster off at a friends house to play while we started this shindig... we then did a couple of last minute things and headed to the hospital. I had to be there at 3pm for prep for the 5pm scheduled C-section. We chose evening so my husband did not have to miss class. (He is retraining into a new job in the Air Force, so he is in school). Sister met mom and I at the hospital and we went in...

They really did not waste any time.... they took my weight and got me in the room. They directed me to undress and all that great stuff and began prepping me. Husband arrived before 4pm and we all just hung out having a good time laughing and just chatting while we waited... I was hooked up to the IV and just waiting for the DR to come in. I had several people come in and introduce themselves to me and tell me who they were and the part they would play in our daughters arrival. I remember watching the clock. They had said they would come and get me to take me back around 440pm... the time seemed to tick tock, tick tock until that time. They were a little late getting me because we were waiting for my DR to show up... Around 445pm, my mom and sister left to go get my son.

About 10 minutes before mom and sister left to go get Rooster, I started to mentally freak out. If you read Rooster's birth story, you will know that I lost it in the OR.... I began to freak and think the same was going to happen this time. Just the thought of what was about to happen... yea, freaked me out! I remember my husband looking into my eyes and I know he could see the fear that I had coming upon me again. In my head I kept thinking... I just want to leave, forget this... but the hard realization is... even if I walked out, I had to have this baby! :) She couldn't just STAY PUT! Mom and Sis left and the nurse came to get me. At this point, I was already in the wheel chair waiting. The DR had come in and patted me on the back and asked if I was ready. I could honestly not even talk.... as a tear went down my face. They told my husband to get his scrubs on and they would be back in about 10 minutes to get him....

Then they began to roll me out. Tears began to fall. They weren't freaked out tears- they were quiet, clean tears. They fell down my face. The nurse would chat with me as she took me to the OR and I could not even respond. I was scared... I was scared of what recovery would be like this time, because with Rooster it was a great recovery... I couldn't complain. We entered into the room and I noticed it was not as cold as I remembered the OR in Japan being when they wheeled me in there. It was different this time. There were so many people in there... Like four people for baby alone. The anesthesiologist was truly a God Send. This man was amazing and helped ease my worries and fears... and he talked me all the way through it! I was thankful for this. He had already explained how I would position myself when he met me in the holding room. So... I climbed up to the SMALL bed and crossed my legs in front of me indian style and held on to a pillow. The nurse next to me that had prepped me could see my fear in my face (no more tears though)... and she would keep reassuring me. The anesthesiologist began to clean my back and I guess numb it. He then told me that I would feel a prick and a burn, much like when they put the IV in, and then I would really feel the burn. After he got it placed, he told me that I might feel a shock on one of my legs... within seconds I did. My left leg was literally shocked. It hurt me so bad, luckily only for a minute. It was at this time I kinda jumped and then tears started coming again. I could feel the pain in my back and it did not feel good at all! Seriously, reliving it in my writing right now... stresses my little brain out! UGH!

I just remember him asking if my left leg was numb and which I said, yes... and shortly after he was done. They then laid me back. There was a lot of talking going on during this time in which I was feeling myself calm down... okay, maybe I wasn't feeling myself calm down, but rather, I was feeling the DRUGS calm me down. They put the curtain in front of my chest and I remember continuing to look at the door because my husband was not there yet. I was scared they were going to forget him. It was the longest 10 minutes ever. I was so thankful that everyone in the room continued to talk to me and include me in what was going on.... I felt a little piece of heaven on earth when I heard the words "Go ahead and get Dad!" Then I just watched the door for my husband to walk in. I was amazed at how calm I felt. This was NIGHT AND DAY from our sons birth.... When my husband walked in the door, he came to me and looked straight in my eyes and asked me how I was doing... and I said good! I proceeded to tell him how this was very different.

I didn't have the chills, shakes, a hard time breathing- nothing! I honestly don't remember much of what happened after that. I remember looking from my husband to the anesthesiologist watching for facial expressions trying to figure out what was going on. This time my husband was on my right and the anesthesiologist remained on my left. With my son he stayed behind me and I never felt the same reassurance as I did from this one. This one was constantly asking me how I was doing and putting his hand on my shoulder.... I felt he was there to take care of me. I am not sure how long passed- the husband says about five minutes, which it probably was.... I remember at one point watching both guys look over more than before with looks on their faces. At this point I was feeling more pressure then I remembered feeling with my son and I asked "Is everything ok?" Both of the guys quickly said, "Yes"... and I guess my DR heard me... because he proceeded to tell me "Everything is fine, Baby just has a big head!"

A few more tugs and pulls and BOOM!!! Baby was out. I heard the words I was so sure were going to be wrong "It's a girl"... and tears began to fall... but good tears. The immediately took her over to weigh her and do what they do and my husband was right by their side. I heard her cry out and that brought on emotion that I don't remember having before.... I heard "6 pounds, 15 ounces" and was SHOCKED .. I had a SIX POUNDER!!! My son was 8.5 and I didn't know I could produce such a small baby! I hear "18.5 inches long" ... she was all around smaller than her big brother. Within moments husband at her at my face.... I was AMAZED.. she looked JUST like her brother, but with dark hair. I was able to kiss her sweet face and kiss my husband and off they went. They had said they would do all of her cleaning and stuff in the recovery room with me or they could go ahead to the nursery and finish it much quicker.... so we decided to do that and husband went with her. She was born on May 15, 2013 at 5:20pm.

It didn't take too long and they had me ready to go in about 20 minutes. They wheeled me to my recovery room and I was just waiting... I was in there by 5:45pm and waiting for the husband to come in... They brought me some ice, which I was SO thankful for.. and finished with minutes! Right around 6pm husband walked in with all smiles to check on me. The nurse had sent him to see if I still wanted her with us or if I needed to rest, I guess some moms chose to rest! NOT ME! Of course I was ready for our baby girl. Other than being a bit drugged up and not being able to move down below, I wasn't tired.... He brought the camera to show me and I was shocked that mom, sister, and our son had already seen her through the window in the nursery. It all happened SO fast. My nurse called the nursery and said yes mom was ready.. and she was with me within minutes.. we had our baby girl with us by 610... less than an hour after she was born.... this was so much quicker than it all happened with our son. We were quickly rolled to our room while I nursed the precious soul who had become our daughter!!! She was so perfect and SO tiny!!!

Husband texted mom and sis and told them to come on up.. they had taken our son to the park to play while waiting on us.. In the mean time, my friend walked in with a IT'S A GIRL hanger thing for the door. Unexpected and SO sweet. Mom, Sis, and son were back in with us within 20 minutes.. and everyone go to hold little lady! It was a great night!!! Everything was great... And now we are a happy family of four!

I may not get the births that I have always dreamed about, but I have two children that are more than my dreams could imagine!!! Thank you for reading along and enjoying the fantastic story of our little Sticker's arrival.



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