The Strength of a Mom #MommyMonday & Christmas Giveaway Day #4

Welcome to #MommyMonday!

Today I'm going to share a realization I've had since becoming a mom.  And today, you will get to know a big part about my past, and some things I have been through in life.

Mommy Monday

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5 years ago from yesterday, I remember the day so clearly.  It was a dreary, rainy day, and we, (my sister, mom and myself) were standing in my mom's kitchen looking at the local newspaper.  We were weeping over the obituaries that came out, in disbelief, that my brother, her son's picture was in it.  It felt feels so unreal that that could be our life. It felt only right that it was dark and rainy outside because we felt even worse than that on the inside.

 I remember, as we looked over the newspaper, that my mom must've also read the date....December 7th, 2009.  And suddenly, startled she exclaimed, "Oh My Goodness....Today is my birthday." Our days had been in such a whirlwind, that we never even realized it.

Yes that's right, 5 years ago from yesterday, my mom was supposed to be celebrating her birthday, but instead, she was burying her only son.

(My mom's Facebook post from yesterday)

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Although the pain of losing my Big Brother, was more real than anything I have ever felt, now that I have a son.....I feel like I have a new realization, a new reality, to the pain that my mother must feel.

Me, being a new mom, to a precious baby boy.  My first son, my baby.  How sweet it is to be a mom.  How sweet it is to know the love of a mom for their child....and I know that! I know that I love my son with every inch of myself.  I adore him.  Every sweet little thing that he does, I find joy in.  Only recently have I, my mom had that too with my brother, her son, who is now gone.  WOW.  How real it just got.  The pain my mother must feel.  To look at my son, in comparison to my brother, and imagine what my mom has gone through.  It's not even something I want to fathom.

Now though, now that I'm a mom. Now that I've felt that love, and experienced that adoration for my son. WOW! How brave she is! Brave to even be able to continue going on with life.  And not barely living.  NO, mother still loves well, and finds joy and adventure in life! And that, when you realize that terrible pain she must have felt feels, that is a miracle in itself, and she, is the STRONGEST WOMAN I KNOW!



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