Moving! Friends?!?

I was driving from the commissary back home today and was just overwhelmed by a sense of emotion. I feel SO blessed to be a military wife! I have had some of the most amazing experiences because of the track my husband has taken us down!

Today is his 31st birthday, by the way, we are getting old.

But sometimes in life it is so hard to find true friends.. isn't that the case for everyone? I feel so blessed that the life the Lord has given us has helped me to find true friends At each base: From Mississippi to Japan to California and to Texas I can name the one {or two} people that became my closest friends.... I have been so honored to have met so many amazing friends along this journey that still walk life with me.

I just really think it is amazing how the Lord has given me the capability to meet people and instantly make friends with each and every move.

It is so nice to know that God has a plan set up for your life well before you know.. and that He is only wanting the best for you!

Today as we gear up for yet another move, taking us to Florida.... I am eager to see WHO it is that the Lord is preparing to become a part of my life.

The sad part about this to is that I am realizing that just as easy as it is to make friends for me it is that much easier {than a non-military spouse, in my opinion} when the distance comes between you and those friends after a move. It is so sad... I have truly learned to cling to people so easily ... but to let go of them sometimes is easier.

We are about to move to our 5th base in 9 years... being the 4th base we have lived at in a 2 year span.... Moves, Moves, Moves.. such is life- but oh, it is such an exciting life!

What are your thoughts on this?