Meal Plan

Learning to create meal plans and stick to them has been a challenge for me. I "practiced" in January but planned to get serious with it in February when our budget began. I have no desire to make more than one trip to the commissary a week. My shopping days have fallen on Sundays. I plan for the whole week with one shopping trip. My budget for each week is 100 dollars. This week I spent 60 dollars. I was so proud. I threw in a couple of meals we don't normally eat, but I am trying to do different things. I have yet to cook the same meal since we have lived here for the past month... this is exciting for me!

I would love to hear about the different things that you cook for your family. I love to make chicken pot pie, veggie dishes, and soups. I wish that my husband didn't love meat so much. My son and I don't!

Below I will share my meal plan for this week.