Meal Plan!

Since moving and becoming a full-time STAY AT HOME MOM/WIFE, only 2 weeks ago lol, I have told myself I will make a meal plan for the week before going to the store and before the week starts. What a difference this has made to my week the past two weeks. It has been heavenly. Now I am unsure if I could go without it. Do you use a meal plan? Being home, especially now without anything in our home, it frees up quite a bit of time. I really do not have friends, plans, DISTRACTIONS, here so I am able to prepare meals accordingly. The bad part about this is that we are eating usually by 5-6 and my six month pregnant self is SO hungry again by 8pm. But it has really freed up the stress of the evening and I hope I can keep doing it. Below is a simple meal chart I found online. There are SO many templates you can find.... or you can make your own. I use one in my hanging 31 organizer that I just wipe off each Saturday and put the new week.

mealThe best part about having a plan for me is that if my son is resting or working on something I can start prepping dinner. If it is ready way in advance, then I just simply put it in the fridge and pop it in the oven when I need to. That is assuming it is to be cooked in the oven. Having a meal plan is really helping me feel like I am handling things better in my home.

What habits do you have in your home that help your week go more smoothly?

The other fantastic part of having and carrying out my meal plan is that I have ALL the groceries I need... so those quick trips to the store that turn into $30 each time are no longer. I am saving money and sticking to my budget so much easier. Now, I have to add... this is so much easier for me now that I am focused on mostly my family and home and don't have to carry on a job. It seemed like the last thing I wanted to do while working was PLAN MY MEALS, let alone cook. I know that Little Sis plans her meals each week too.. and for the busy life that she leads-- it seems to work well.

I am making plans to implement a Monday-Friday chore chart for me as well.. Once our stuff finally arrives and I have the means to clean, deep clean, I will make that and let you know how that is working! :)

Just another chart for you with SAMPLES: