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When you think back to when you were a child... what kind of memories do you have? Do you have memories of your parents playing with you? Maybe you played outside together, played 'house', legos, board games? Do you have memories of playing with your siblings? Perhaps it was cops and robbers, school, store, on the trampoline... What kind of memories do you have? Most of us that are older probably do have memories of playing with our parents or siblings in some fashion. These play times are the things that brought us together as a family and created the bond that you probably still have today!

The children growing up today are really missing out... we live in a technology world. I am just as guilty as the next person as allowing my son to play the 'black computer' when I need him to let me get things done. I am sad to see the world we live in where everyone is on their phone or computer all the time. It makes me sad yes--- but I still do it too. It is such a big deal to me to invest in my children and to ensure that I have adequate play time with them... on the floor- just me and them... or taking them to the park, play dates, etc.

We have started a technology DETOX in our home... we are focusing more on play time and focusing more on our children. I love to find toys that are focused on children and promotes their learning. We are getting ready to move again and I am so excited to get all of my son's toys back so he can begin to use his creativity while building trains, houses, playing with puppets, doing his puzzles, etc.


Tiny Tickler Time

I was so excited when Mama May I sent over two items for my kiddos to try out! She sent us the Tiny Tummy Tickler for my son to use with our little lady. He used it before she was born and after! We are still having too much fun with it! The Tummy Tickler is great because it promotes that one on one interaction with your little one and yourself (or their sibling)... Though our little lady isn't at the giggling stage yet, the Tummy Tickler gets a smile out of her quicker than anything else. When my son is playing with it with my daughter he names her body parts...  so although she is only a baby she is already being taught her body parts by using this simple, soft toy. It is so sweet to watch the two of my children interact with this toy as they do.



If you are curious about the materials used to make this product, this is what I found on her website about the Tummy Tickler:" The wooden ring is softly coated in organic, all-natural beeswax and jojoba oil for durability. Gently knotted to the ring are whimsically soft, colorful strands of 100% , bias cut, Habotai silk. Each strand has been hand-dyed." So that is always great to know. You can purchase the Tummy Tickler on her website for 15.00 (PLUS keep reading for a coupon code at the end).


The awesome thing is she sent something for both kids. So once we played with the Tummy Tickler (before Sticker was born) we immediately starting playing with The Colored Cups and Balls. This is still a favorite in our home... I actually just packed it in a box to take with us on our move. I was worried when I first got it that my son would not be that into it since he knows is colors... but boy, was I W.R.O.N.G. The description from the website is:

"A Rainbow fun and educational way to play and learn – colors! Your little one will enjoy picking and placing colored balls into their corresponding cups. This little set is great in enhancing fine motor skills and balance while discussing colors, numbers, and simple volume concepts. My little explorer loves to “scoop” and “pour” these cups over and over again. She is especially proud when she matches the colors together appropriately. This open-ended toy provides many different ways to play – tea party, kitchen accessory, rainbow stacker…with these “tools” and a dash of imagination the play possibilities are endless.

The 6 balls each measure ¾ inch in diameter - The cups measure almost 2 inches ---All have been colored (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet) with certified non-toxic watercolors and lightly sealed with beeswax and jojaba oil."

So although Rooster already knew his colors this toy brought about a form of imagination from him that we hadn't seen. We also started a game called "Find the Ball." We would simply put a ball under one of the cups and have to guess which had the ball. Funny that this entertained him so much. Rooster has spent so much time placing the balls in the correct cup using the scoop. This really worked his hand-eye coordination as well.

I loved this toy so much that we bought it for our nephew for his 2nd Birthday. The boys played together while they were visiting us and had a blast. I was sad to see that I didn't have any pictures of them two together playing it to share with you. I bought if for my nephew, "Biscuit" because I knew he was starting to work on his colors and I thought this would be the perfect toy to get for him. The other great thing is that this toy is only 23.00. These are not bad prices considering the time that is put in making the products.

Thank you so much Mama May I for allowing us to review these products!!


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