"Made to Crave" Remember Who You Are


If you have been following, you know that I started a study over the book "Made to Crave-Satisfying Your Deepest Desire With God, Not Food." You can read my first two posts here:

The Relationship Between Desiring God & Desiring Food

Why God Cares About Being Healthy

I have already learned so much, and gained an entire new understanding for how food/health can be related to our relationship with God, and it has only been 2 classes.

I am so thankful that I am taking this class.  Especially as someone who loves fitness, and motivating others to get active.  Plus I love being able to teach yoga to others, and encourage others to live healthier lives, so to me, it has an even deeper meaning now, which I am so thankful for!

So, this week we talked about going FROM DESPERATION TO DETERMINATIONAnd Determination was the big word to focus on for the week! We were encouraged to be women of determination!

First, it is helpful to take some time and gain self awareness by starting with this question:


I feel like I am still trying to figure this out within myself.  For some it may be loneliness, some frustration, some stress.  Others it might be when they get busy, or are in brainstorming mode....many things affect our emotions, and sometimes we tend to allow our emotions to control our appetite, and allow us to get into desperation mode!

As I have taken some time to be introspective, I think sometimes when I get frustrated or stressed I tend to use food as a comfort.  That and when I'm up late at night working on projects, I tend to get snack!

What is it for you? What is creating a Desperate Eating Pattern?

She also addressed allowing ourselves to get to a desperate hunger, and how that usually leads to a bad path of eating! You know what I'm talking about! When you are soooo hungry and haven't eaten in way too many hours, so you get to a point of desperation and will eat any and everything in sight.  This is usually the time when we are most likely to give in and go get fast food as well! BELIEVE ME, I'VE BEEN THERE!

So here's some helpful pointers we were given!



DETERMINE WHO YOU ARE SPIRITUALLY---a child of God who is wholly loved. 

I loved this weeks lesson, and it really does help to plan out what you will eat in advance, because when we don't, it is far to easy to give in to our emotions, or into our desperate hunger.

The last thing I loved about this week, was the phrase...


She said that with all of these things, even the three determine phrases above, that if we just come back to REMEMBER WHO I AM, that we will remember these things.

But to remember who you are, you must first take time and sit with the Lord, and let him tell you who you are!!

Isn't it crazy that all of this is about food, and our relationship to food! It really is mind-blowing to me how food, something we need to survive can play such a big role in our connection with God, and in our relationship with him.

So this week, get alone and take some time for yourself to do 2 things!

1) Find out what is creating the most desperate eating patterns in your life

2) Ask the Lord Who You Are, and REMEMBER what he says.  And everyday after that, remind yourself, tell yourself what he said, and make your brain REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! 

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