"Made to Crave" The Relationship Between Desiring God & Desiring Food

I am so excited!

This Sunday at church, I am going to start attending a Sunday School class focussed on the book called, "Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire With God, Not Food."


Have you heard of it?

I hadn't either....

Each season our church comes out with new Sunday School classes, and as I was looking over the studies for women I saw the title, "Made to Crave." Which automatically stuck out to me and seemed to speak to me deep down.

Knowing, that as a child of God, there is so much inside of me that craves a full life! He put that inside of use, the desire for an adventurous life, a life filled with the FULLNESS of Heaven! Man I can't get started on that! But just know when you feel the itching for more in life, it is because you were created for Greatness, created for More, for Adventure!

So anyways, having such a passion for knowing I am created to dream big and live out those dreams, the title MADE TO CRAVE really resonated with me.  Then when I looked at the book and saw that it was a study on food, health and fitness in relation to our relationship with God, I was even more intrigued and knew that I wanted to be in that class!

You know with the constant desire, especially for women to always be more fit than you are, to be more skinny than you are, to be more healthy than you are, I am so excited to read some of the truths that come from this book and from the Bible, and learn from them.  Not only for my own sake, but I am excited to share those things that I learn and pull from this study with you all as well!

So get excited! I will be sharing with y'all over the next several weeks as I take this class what I learn!


Have you ever read this book or taken a class on it? What was your take away from it?

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