#LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge with sponsor PrAna

Here I am, it's a Tuesday night, and I'm just sitting at home sipping on my Sugar Free Margarita! (yum) This is definitely something I have missed since going sugar free. That's right, I haven't had a margarita for at least 5 months, (well except for the sour one I had made for me at a restaurant while at a Bachelorette weekend in Austin, TX. last month...it wasn't very good). Anyways, this is definitely something I will be having a little more of in my life now that I know the recipe is easy, tastes good, and I can have one with NO GUILT!  There's something else we ALL need a LITTLE MORE OF in our life......YOGA! And I know the perfect way to kickstart your summer with a little more yoga! 

How about a #LoveYourHips Yoga Challenge! I am soooo excited to tell you all about this awesome Yoga Challenge that I have been working on with the amazing Lora Hogan! 

We have teamed up to bring you 14 Days of hip openers! Each day we will feature a pose, and you post a photo or video of you doing it. Don't worry if you are new to Yoga, or maybe you have never done any Yoga at all. We will be showing variations of the pose to fit all levels, so EVERYONE CAN JOIN THE FUN! 

And what is a Yoga Challenge without prizes right!!! 

So we will be featuring a huge first place prize pack from sponsor PrAna! They have incredible apparel, and Yoga gear! Check them out and tell us what you want to WIN! 

We will also have prizes from Shine Athletica an amazing apparel brand from Texas!! Check out all the cute inspirational stuff they have!

So who is ready to breathe some life into those hips, get a little more flexible, and a little less stressed!? If you want to take a little more time for yourself, and take care of/love the body that you are in, then join us for this awesome Yoga Challenge! 

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So are you wondering how you WIN some of these awesome prizes!?!? Here's what you do:

  • Post a photo/video of you doing the pose each of the 14 days of the challenge!
  • Tag @brittanysuell  @lora_hogan  @prAna and use #LoveYourHips (you can go ahead and follow us all now)
  • Get an extra entry to WIN prizes by posting a recap of the challenge on your blog or (for non-bloggers) on your social media site, telling the world how much you LOVED the challenge!

Here's a little sneak peak of the poses! 

Join the 14 day #LOVEYOURHIPS Yoga Challenge with @brittanysuell and @lora_hogan and WIN prizes from @prana

The fun starts MONDAY!! 



Then click to tweet below and tell the world you are joining the challenge! and repost the challenge photo on your social media! 

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