Living my Dream

If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would consider homeschooling my kids, I would have definitely told you NO! As matter of fact, one of the popular comments I made was: "I am not going to school THIS long and paying THIS much to stay home and teach my kids!" OMG that sounds awful now!! You see, my husband was homeschooled his whole life where I was public schooled my whole life. When I met him at age 16, his mom would always talk to me about homeschooling. I thought she was crazy… I married at 19 and she would always pressure talk to me about having babies NOW or homeschooling.

I graduated with my teaching degree and started teaching. I went ahead and got my Masters as well…  Then I got pregnant. I planned my maternity leave.. SIX weeks.. But I would definitely go back.. everyone knew that. I loved teaching, I made great money, and I PAID ALL THIS MONEY FOR MY EDUCATION, OF COURSE I AM GOING TO KEEP TEACHING. Well then March 28, 2010 happened.. my son was born. It all changed for me then. I went into my principal's office and extended my maternity leave to 10 weeks.. and only came back the last 2 weeks of school…

Then I STRUGGLED so bad finding someone I could trust to keep my baby. I did not want him in daycare. I found an adorable, sweet lady who took him in. Her only baby! She loved him like he was her own. I cried after I dropped him off 80% of the time. THIS was NOT the life I wanted!!! Then we moved back to America… and I opened a daycare… yea.. haha.. still not what I wanted. I didn't spend anymore quality time with him than I did when I was teaching.. actually probably less. Kids were at my house 4am-6pm Then I got pregnant again… and we moved… And I became a Stay At Home Mom! And then.. I was a mommy of two.

After I had my son, I decided I wanted to homeschool. I changed from "I am not going to school THIS long and paying THIS much to stay home and teach my kids!" to "I am NOT going to school to teach OTHER PEOPLES kids and let SOMEONE ELSE watch mine!" I prayed… so hard. My husband didn't like the idea. He didn't enjoy being homeschooled too much… But I just prayed and believed. When people asked if I was homeschooling… I would said "it is the desire of my heart and I have to believe the Lord will give me that!" .. Guess what? WE ARE HOMESCHOOLING!!

We start kindergarten today and I am SO excited! I am excited to share with you guys pictures and progress… I hope it goes as well as I feel it is. hahah! My son is so very excited. He is so sweet and LOVES to learn!! Love it! Here are a few pictures for you…

school school2So be prepared for an update soon!!

*Here I am this morning, coming to push POST before school starts… and my sweet son has been begging for an hour to start school… Issue is I barely slept last night getting everything ready and writing 2 blogs :D … we just finished breakfast and am feeding baby girl… so here goes for a beautiful day!*

Best comment so far today "MOMMYYYY!! Thank you for my school area! I LOOOOVE IT!"