Living a #LeaveYourLegacy Lifestyle

Can you think of a habit, or way of doing something that you learned as a child that you wish you wouldn't have? Maybe it's the habit of eating at McDonald's....oh I had to break that in my own life.  Or maybe it's something you picked up from someone you are always around that you wish you hadn't picked up on?? This has happened to me several times in life when I am around an extremely sarcastic person...sarcasm is contagious, and I found that when I'm sarcastic, it comes off rude! Definitely not something I want to be! 

Here's the deal. 

We are all adults now, that means, that we have the power and control over our lives to change things! Whether it's a habit we learned as a child, or what kind of people we hang around. 

So let's do it! 

Join me and start Living the Leave Your Legacy Lifestyle!

 #LeaveYourLegacy Choose to live a healthy and active lifestyle! Choose to impact those around you, and set them up for success!  @brittanysuell

Don't you want to pass positive, encouraging, life giving things on to the people around you? 

Whether it's your children, roommate, friends, acquaintances, or even strangers you meet at the store. I know that deep down inside, you want to be someone that people desire to be around. Someone that puts a smile on people's face, or makes encourages them. I dare to say that you even want to be someone that makes a different in the lives of those that you encounter! 

So let's do it! 

Choose to let go of negativity, strive to get rid of bad habits, fake it til you make it if you have to. Get yourself moving, and sweat a little, (or a lot). Eat real, whole, healthy foods that make you feel good from the inside out! Make good choices for yourself, and be the happiest, healthiest you possible! 

Doing these things, taking care of yourself, living a healthy and active lifestyle will make you the best possible version of yourself! 

When you are healthy and active, and take care of yourself, you are more confident and happy. You are  feel good, and you are successful. 

So who is joining me? Who wants to start living the #LeaveYourLegacy Lifestyle!!?

Let's make life about more than just ourselves. Let's choose to help other, impact others, and leave a legacy for others! 

CHALLENGE for today! 

Post a photo showing how you are going to start Living the #LeaveYourLegacy Lifestyle, or who you are leaving the legacy for. Anything that shows your #LeaveYourLegacy journey! Tag me @brittanysuell and use hashtag #LeaveYourLegacy

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