Little Girls Dreams

Having a sister growing up really is one of the best gifts ever. Sadly, many times you don't realize it until you are grown up. We are so thankful that we were raised to love each other, as siblings, and to always be there for each other. As we grew older we became best friends with each other and our mom. We have talked about our hopes and dreams as sisters and obviously that means one day living close to each other.

How excited were we when we found out that Big Sis would be living a mere 90 miles from Lil Sis. How bittersweet it was to learn it was only for 6 months... but hey, we would take it. It has been some of the BEST 6 months of our life because we have been able to pretty much see one another whenever our schedules allowed it. When Big Sis was pregnant with nephew, she lived in Japan and Lil Sis only got to see her pregnant in person one time- at 6 months. Then she didn't get to meet nephew until he was 3 months old. Sad I say... but such is the life when you are military.

We have talked over the years how much fun and how exciting it would be to be pregnant together... and then Big Sis found out back in September she was expecting #2- which would become niece. We already have two nieces and one nephew from our Big Brother so we know what a blessing all of these children are. The fact that Big Sis' daughter would be born only 90 miles from Lil Sis was such a BLESSING and in our lives, almost a dream! Here we sit a mere 2 weeks or less from her being born and it is so exciting.

So Little Sis has had this past weekend planned for a couple of months to come over and help Big Sis with last minute preparations before Baby Girl has to come. Big Sis forewarned her that we didn't have too much to do... but Lil Sis was determined to come just to hang out, which was TOTALLY fine with Big Sis. On Friday evening as Big Sis and Husband and Nephew were waiting at the front of the gate for Lil Sis to come in ... we are shocked with SURPRISE #1... MOM HAD COME TOO! This was such a surprise to Big Sis... how exciting. A last girls weekend before Baby #2.

This is where the story starts:

We headed home and started working on dinner. At some point in the next couple of hours Lil Sis and Nephew went out to the car for something. They come in with a bag and nephew proceeded to give it to Gammy and Mommy (Our Mom and Big Sis). Lil Sis explained that this was our Mother's Day gift from her... Big Sis made a funny remark to Lil Sis about "aw, I'm sorry, maybe this will be your last Mother's Day without a gift" or something like that...

The look Little Sis gave Big Sis...... yea!

Big Sis started screaming at Gammy "She is so telling us she is pregnant right now! She is so telling us she is pregnant right now!" Big Sis said this over... and over... and over. All the while, Lil Sis is recording our reaction and Gammy keeps saying "How do we know whose is whose? How do we know whose is whose?" You see, Lil Sis had one gift bag with two small gifts inside. Big Sis finally got one out and barely got it unwrapped to see it was a pregnancy test... before she jumped up screaming at Lil Sis and starting crying. The video says it all. Gammy followed close behind.

Surprise #2


Big Sis told Lil Sis it is a good thing this was NOT a joke because Big Sis didn't even look to see if the test was positive.

Our little girl dreams have come true... Even if they only last for maybe 8 weeks max! How exciting.

Lil Sis is due with her FIRST baby in January 2014. This is some of the best news ever. Big Sis has to move to Florida in a couple of months, but you better believe she will be back in January 2014. Lil Sis and her husband are making some great transitions in their lives in the coming months... which include closing on their first home. How exciting is this? Not only do they get to buy their first home, a few short months later, they get to become parents!!

The weekend was FULL of surprises and we want to share them all with you... but for now we wanted to share this wonderful news with you that our Little Girl Dreams have partially come true. We may not live next to each other through both pregnancies, we may not have babies together, but we ARE SO VERY pregnant together and our babies will only be 7 months apart! God is so good!

We want to leave you with the few pictures we took to share the great news with you....