Life Has been SO busy-Big Sis

Things have been so busy around Naturally Sisters. Obviously you could tell that we took a nice month hiatus!!! But we were working. It came at the most perfect time for us though. The sisters have been so busy since our last run together in October. You would think by now that I, Big Sis, would know how to keep going during transitions… but I proved once again, that isn’t the case. In the past six months my little family has been thrown so many curve balls….

(August) We found out that my husband was on the mandatory cross-training list in the Air Force, which means he is switching jobs. We did not know when we would be expected to leave California…. But as nerve wracking as it was at first, it was also exciting to think of doing something different in our life. After we got married in 2003, my husband went to Fire Academy and then worked for a civilian fire department while he went through paramedic school. On month six of our first year of marriage he came home and said he was joining the AF! What a shocker! I knew NOTHING of the military! Nevertheless, he joined as a firefighter and we embarked on some of the most exciting almost nine years of our life! So to experience something different in this huge Air Force sounded exciting!! 

(September) 2-3 weeks after finding out that we would be moving AGAIN, as we had only moved 12 months before from Japan, we got the SUPRISINGING news that we were expecting baby #2. Talk about crazy. NOT what we were expecting again. But if I have learned anything I have learned that God has the most perfect timing. He gave us our little sweet boy, who turns three in a few months, at the most PERFECT timing!!! I never knew how much I would need that boy in the first months of his life when dealing with my big brothers tragic death.

(October) We had already planned a trip home to spend a week with my sister and mom. My active toddler and I loaded on a plane and enjoyed 10 GLORIOUS days with the girls. It wasn’t as hard to leave because we knew we would be coming back sometime in the future. We figured after the first of the year…. But by this time we knew his training would be in Texas!!! Closest we had been to home in 9 years since he joined the AF. We had already planned a half marathon to do while being home and I was dreading it. Since finding out I was pregnant, I had stopped running AS much… that race was so hard for me. It was the first time I had completed a race partially and walked so much of it. SO HARD. I am a runner… I will always be a runner… and to not put forth 100% while being pregnant upsets me.. but it is what it is. We headed home to Daddy to get ready for our holidays in Cali without family!

 (November) We learned we were moving 3 weeks before moving. November was spent tying up lose ends with my home daycare and beginning the process of packing. We spent Thanksgiving at the Fire Department and it felt good to have our last holiday with the Fire Family!

 (December) Pack out. Move out. 40 hour Road Trip!!! All that ended us at home for Christmas. It was beautiful and nice to be with our family for the holiday.


 (January) We moved to our new duty station. We are so excited it is so close to my sister. We are only here for a short time, but it is good. So today we sit trying to get transitioned. Many things have changed for Big Sis. The biggest change is that I am now a STAY AT HOME MOM! I only have 4-5 more BLESSED months to spend with my first born before his baby SISTER enters this world! Hard to believe… bittersweet sometimes! J We have a half marathon next month that I am excited for. It will suck, but…….. it will be good. Mom, Sister, and I plan to do this in intervals. Seriously, My MOM, SISTER, and I!!!! That sounds nuts!!!

So now all you readers are up to date with Big Sis. Now we are back with a bang ready to share our lives with you… we are so stoked about our new website!!

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 -Big Sis