Life Changing....

Well here it is...I know I kept you waiting a while, but here's our news.

This August, Meguell and I will be moving out of our very first home! We will be leaving our quaint little two bedroom cottage and moving into a much bigger space with several more rooms and an actual dining room!

Why you ask....well let me preface...NOT because I am pregnant :-) that is everyone's first guess. Actually though, starting in August 2011 to May 2012 Meguell and I will be host parents for 3 High School boys who have come from a different country.

We will be working with the company Eli 360, "The purpose of ELI 360 is to network families with higher education and professional institutions for the development of intellect, character, and leadership ability of young students with the ultimate goal of societies’ transformation toward a better life for all."

Meguell and I are both very excited and feel that this is exactly where the Lord has been leading us! Although it will be challenging at times, we are ready and know that we will have to let the Lord guide us and give us strength in all areas of our life! It will definitely be a season that will teach us to rely fully on the Lord!
God is so good though, it was just this Spring Break that he started opening my heart up and showing me that I will be working more with boys in counseling. He was really developing my heart to minister with boys, and then a couple of months later we get this opportunity!
The Lord is so good and we are so excited to start this journeytogether and with the Lord guiding us!