Level 3 Yoga Certification

Well I am officially Level 3 Certified through Yoga Fit!

This past weekend I packed up all my Yoga gear, and at 32 weeks pregnant I went 2.5 hours hour to spend 2 full days in Yoga Training!

It was a great weekend, although sitting on the floor on my mat for hours at a time was not really my friend. It left this prego a tad more sore than normal, but overall it was great!

I love attending training's because not only do I learn so much, but I am also reminded how why I love yoga and how I know that one day I can use yoga along with my counseling degree to change lives! The only thing standing in the way of that is about several more training's and several thousand dollars to complete those training's, but being there and being reminded of what I want to do and what I can do inspires me to keep pushing forward!


So, not only am I one class closer to completing my 200hr RYT, but I also learned some new stuff this weekend! Including the fact that I FINALLY HIT CROW POSE!

It has seriously been so hard for me to get this pose.  I have known that I have the strength for it, and I am not necessarily scared of falling, but somehow I just wasn't getting it.  Well this time I tried a different way of getting into it, which allowed me to feel the weight of the full Crow Pose on my body, and then I was able to do it normally! I was so excited!

So if you are having trouble:

Put a block or bolster, or pillow under your head.  Get into crow position, but instead of trying to lift your feet off the ground first, put all your wait on the block like you would if you were doing a headstand.  Once there bring your feet off the ground like in crow pose.  You will feel like you are going to push into a headstand.  Instead though, begin to raise your head off the pillow.

This was so helpful for me, and now I can do crow pose!! Wahoo!


It was also great because I left training with some new music for my yoga classes! This is definitely needed since I usually go back and forth between two cds that I have! I'm sure my students get tired of it! hahaha


And I have to say that after teaching on Monday night, I felt so much better! I felt like I was really able to teach the class, not just instruct them.  I learned so much and felt so much more confident in my words, and in my teaching!


I loved learning new things, and  I can't wait to continue my training's and learn more!!

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