Let's Get Stretchy with Prana #7DayStretch

Wahoo! It's Monday, and it's time to get Stretchy! I'm joining Prana again this week for a #7DayStretch Challenge!  It's the perfect time, many of you have kids starting school this week, plus this time of year just seems like a transition for all of us, even if you have nothing to do with school starting! So let's take a week to focus a little time on us! Stretching those muscles out and showing off in the challenge. And duh, who doesn't want to WIN some amazing Prana products! You don't have to be a blogger, or own ANY Prana gear. (Actually, this is your chance to get your hands on some FREE Prana gear)

I recently showed off my Prana wishlist from their new Fall line on my Instagram account, and guess what, I GOT IT ALL! Plus another pair of pants! 

Let's get stretchy with Prana #7DayStretch new fall line!


From left: Ergo Leggings, the Cece Dress, the Ginger Top

So far I'm loving it all!!!

Let me tell you how you can WIN some of these awesome pieces from the new line! 

To participate, all you have to do is answer the daily prompts on Instagram, Twitter, or your blog – share them on social media wherever you’d like. Be sure to tag @FitApproach & @prAna and use the hashtags  #7daystretch #liveinprana & #sweatpink. The most active and engaged participants will have the chance to win amazing prizes from FitApproach & prAna!


If you just can't wait to start shopping, prAna is offering a special 15% discount on their awesome fall collection until September 30th**! So don’t miss out!  

Use discount code LiveInprAnaF15 at checkout on www.prana.com.

**Not valid for influencers, on gift certificates or with any other offer.**

On to today’s prompt: We’re PUMPED to be starting off with some leg stretches! What are your go-to way(s) to stretch your lower body? Show us your favorite quad and/or hamstring stretch(es)!  #7daystretch #liveinprana #sweatpink @FitApproach @prAna

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Here are my Top 3 Favorite Hamstring and Quad stretches! 

(I'm wearing the Ergo leggings and the Nixie top)

  1. Get your need as close to the wall as possible, with your shin against the wall, then lean back towards your foot. This is an incredibly deep QUAD stretch! 

Let's get stretchy with Prana #7DayStretch new fall line!

2. I love this stretch especially in my Yoga classes. Get in a low lunge with the back knee down, then sink the hips back towards your heel and extend the front leg. It's an amazing HAMSTRING stretch! 

Let's get stretchy with Prana #7DayStretch new fall line!

3. Another super deep QUAD stretch is this one! Get in a low lunge sinking forward very deep, and bend the back leg. See if you can twist around and grab the top of the foot. Be careful and take it slow. Don't try to push your body into this pose. Practice until your quads become to loosen up.

Let's get stretchy with Prana #7DayStretch new fall line!


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Monday Bonus: Get extra points by showing off a jumping picture! We want to see you JUMP it out. Give us your BEST #jumpjoymonday! #7daystretch #liveinprana #sweatpink @FitApproach @prAna

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Disclosure: this post was sponsored by prAna. All opinions are our own. We so appreciate you supporting the brands that support Fit Approach and the Sweat Pink community!