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So, as you may know, for people who workout as a normal routine, their pre- and post workout nutrition can be very important! You see after you have worked out, your body begins the process of recovery: adapting and preparing for the next challenge.  It is during that adaptation time, that the structure of the muscles are rebuilt and reinforced to be stronger and more efficient.  Adaptation depends on the increase in your body to make new proteins. The goal is to create an environment in your body where between exercise sessions, the protein building is increased, not minimized!

The mistake many people make, is not eating after they workout.

"It is better to eat and drink immediately after exercise, especially after prolonged or high-intensity workouts." (

And so it is at this point, after your workout, that restoration and intake of protein is crucial. Which is why so many people use protein mixes as post-workout drinks, or as we like to take them as smoothies, blended with ice and usually fruits! So, we are trying out several protein powder options, and wanted to share about them with you. Let us start with the first one!


So let us get you in on the latest Skoop.....The first product we have been trying out is called SKOOP.

Skoop is....

 "A line of powdered, whole-food sourced super nutrition. It's how mother nature does performance enhancement."

The products we tried out were B-Strong, which is a plant-based protein powder (WHICH IS AWESOME!) & also one serving of Skoop is worth 10 Servings of fruits and veggies (Duh, that's good for you)!

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.29.02 PM


I, Big Sis, was given this amazing product to review… and I loved it. I have been using the same shake for a while and was a bit nervous trying a new one. But I found that this one tasted just the same, if not better! I was pleasantly pleased because I have tried others and they are just too chalky. But I mixed this with a banana, PB2, and my Almond Milk… and it was so yum. I also used it to make pancakes and I, along with my children, loved them! I took pictures-- but they did not save and I didn't realized it.

I also like to use my protein powder mixed into a smoothie as a meal replacement. I felt that this shake held me over for a lot longer than most. That is the biggest issue that I have with shakes. If I drink it too early in the morning, it will not hold me over like I would like. But I can honestly say that with this mix- it did hold me over! I was not hungry, did not get shaky, or feel like I was missing out on anything.

These things, along with the price-- sold me on this product!

So pretty much, it's an awesome protein powder, that is created all natural, with no GMO's, and being plant-based, it still tastes GREAT, it comes in a vanilla flavor (yum!).

The other product we tried out is A-Game,  is a plant-based protein powder as well, but it comes in a SweetGreans flavor....(not as easy to get down as B-Strong.  It does so much for the body though.  It is 10 servings of fruits and veggies, a natural, easy on the body all-day energy builder, filled with pro-biotics, fights stress, enables fast recovery, and the list could go on.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.28.40 PM

I, Little Sis tried this one out, and I will admit, it was kind of hard to handle.  I tried putting it with a fruit smoothie, but honestly the taste of the greens took over the entire smoothie.  I knew that this product would be good for me, since I am not the best about eating vegetables....(I have a preferential taste pallet...aka I'm a picky eater!).  So I decided to concentrate it with water.  Mix it in a little water, and take it like a shot! This was the easiest way to get it know like if you got a wheat grass shot, you don't have to think about Whiskey!

Anyways, once I was able to do this, it was easier for me to take it.

I also tried it out with my afternoon juices.  I will juice fresh fruits and veggies and drink that, and I started adding a skoop of the A-Game to it, and just imagine how many nutrients I am getting then! I definitely could feel that it was giving me fresh energy as well!

So if you are looking for an ALL-NATURAL, PLANT BASED Workout Recovery Protein Powder, then check out SKOOP! & after trying it, our suggestion would be to get the Vanilla B-Strong!

And use Code NESTER10 to get 10% OFF your purchase!

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Still aren't convinced to go with SKOOP!?!!?

Here's a few reasons why you should!

1) They have a money back guarantee! So if you aren't happy with your product, then you can send it back and get a full money refund!

2) Skoop works with a nonprofit called the ANN COOPER FOUNDATION! This foundation works to put salad bars and nutrition education in every school! And you know our kids need to learn about nutrition! So every time you buy Skoop, you are helping kids get offered healthier choices in school and learn about nutrition! How cool is that! You could help change the future generations to be healthier and live more active lifestyles, which you know we are all about here at Naturally Fit Sisters! You can read more about their Mission here.

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So check out Skoop and maybe choose their plant-based protein products to fuel your muscles post workout!

Let us know what you think!